German Policy Studies

Periodical covering political issues in Germany.

Articles from Vol. 5, No. 1, Spring

A Long Farewell to the Bismarck System: Incremental Change in the German Health Insurance System
1 Introduction Germany's health insurance system represents the archetype of the health-care arrangement generally known as the "Bismarck model". In the decades following its establishment in 1883 it served as the model for numerous other states...
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Commercializing German Hospital Care? Effects of New Public Management and Managed Care under Neoliberal Conditions
1 Introduction External and internal pressures over the past two decades or so have led to hospital sector reorganization in many countries around the world. The basic thrust has been the implementation of market-led governance reforms and business-type...
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Economization and Marketization in the German Healthcare System: How Do Users Respond?
1 Introduction From an historical perspective, the German corporatist healthcare system appeared for a long time reluctant to proceed with any far-reaching reforms. However, since the 1990s the German healthcare system has been targeted by several...
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Federalism and the "New Politics" of Hospital Financing
1 Federalism and Health Care Reforms In comparative welfare state literature there is consensus that federalism hinders welfare state expansion (Obinger et al. 2005: 3). There is empirical evidence that social policy spending is lower in federal...
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Health Governance in the Aftermath of Traditional Corporatism: One Small Step for the Legislator, One Giant Leap for the Subsystem?
1 Introduction (1) Until the late 1980s outpatient care in Germany was an "ideal-type" of sectoral corporatism (Rosenbrock/Gerlinger 2006: 280). Self-governance and the dominance of large provider associations were the main characteristics of the...
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Health Policy and Marketization: Introduction
The German health care system is undergoing a process of fundamental change in its regulatory structures. Hitherto, in spite of the variety of control over health care policy in Germany, corporatist forms of regulation have been particularly important....
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Institutionalized Healthcare Reform in Germany? Error Correction or Political Strategy?
1 Introduction Following the implementation of the current German healthcare reform (Statutory Health Insurance Competition-Strengthening-Act (1)), there have been many comments and newspaper articles criticizing parts of the reform; for example,...
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The Private Health Insurance: Demarketization of a Welfare Market?
1 Introduction The German health care system with its coexistence of statutory and private health insurance (SHI/PHI) is characterized by a peculiarity, which differs substantially from other European health care systems. However, this peculiarity...
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