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Articles from Vol. 1, No. 4, October

Eastern Enlargement of the Eu as a Subject of Policy Research: Introduction to the Symposium
Many European countries nowadays see the enlargement of the European Union in an eastern direction as one of the most important items on their political agendas and as a great challenge. It is an extensive political task that must be met by the political...
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European Union Enlargement - Consequences and Problems
Abstract The consequences of the fifth enlargement will be multiple. The capacity of the EU as an actor in international relations will increase whereas the coherence within the community will decrease. New forms of coalition will form in an enlarged...
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Implementation of the Eu Law in the Czech Republic: A Comparative Perspective
Abstract This article deals with selected constitutional law aspects of the European integration. First, the variants of relation between acquis communautaire and the national legal orders of several Western and Central European countries are analyzed....
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Prioritisation of Work - Preparing the Poland's Accession to the European Union(1)
Abstract The article touches upon the prioritisation of the works aiming at the Polish accession to the EU. Specifically, it addresses the National Programme of Preparation for Membership, being a core progress chart and schedule for the pre-accession...
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The Context, the Actors and the Effects of the Eastern Enlargement of the European Union
Abstract This paper deals with the conceptualization of the European Union (EU) Eastern enlargement. The author shows to what extent it is necessary to analyze the Eastern enlargement in the context of the already completed EC/EU expansion, and...
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The Eu Accession and Ece Parliaments: A Hungarian Approach
Abstract The paper first outlines the conceptual framework of the early consolidation as the recent stage of development in the East Central European (ECE) countries. In analysing the process of accession to the EU, the paper focuses on the role...
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