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The quarterly journal of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi. Each issue treats a single theme and field, providing a forum for discussion of social and scientific issues in a variety of fields of interest. Authors include scholars, experts from the privat

Articles from Vol. 82, No. 2, Spring

Age Discrimination and Layoffs of Highly Compensated Workers
Forum on Busine$$ & Econmomics The inevitable graying of the work force as the baby-boom generation ages is a demographic factor with profound implications for society in general, and business in particular. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the...
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Demonizing the United States
Forum on Education & Academics Some intellectuals and academics have urged Americans to think hard about why so many in the world hate us. So I have been thinking, and I have come with a reason that they are not going to like. Could it be that some...
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Early Warning Systems
Early Warning Systems I fell in with the snakes and the poison ranks of strangers. Please send me more yellow birds for the dim interior. - Mark Linkous Eight years ago ... I remember reading a poem in which the character of Death, after a hiatus, returned,...
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Engineering Fish
Americans generally believe that technology poses a significant threat to the world's natural environment, but they also have an abiding faith in the power of technology to solve environmental problems. In the Pacific Northwest this paradox reveals itself...
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Excerpts from Holy War, Inc
In April 1997, CNN terrorism analyst Peter Bergen secured an interview with Osama bin Laden. One of few westerners to speak personally with bin Laden, Bergen was accompanied by an intermediary he calls "Ali" and by then-CNN correspondent Peter Arnett...
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Letters to the Editor
VIOLENCE After reading your "Violence" issue [Fall 2000, Vol. 80. No. 4]1 was impressed with the thought that there is such a huge rift between the eastern/urban and the western/rural mindset as to be almost insurmountable. To read these articles would...
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Reporting Terror: CNN Journalists Reflect
The following roundtable article features accounts from CNN and CNN Headline News journalists who have covered multiple aspects surrounding the September 11 terrorist attacks and Operation Enduring Freedom. Each journalist has a particular story and...
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Terrorism, the Mass Media, and the Events of 9-11
As millions of Americans watched the terror of 9-11 live on television or the Internet, most were already familiar with the shocking images: the inferno in a skyscraper, the terrorists attacking a towering high-rise, the total destruction of a federal...
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Weighting Time
PETER HUGGINS. Blue Angels. River City Publishing, Montgomery, AL, 2001. 120 pages. $20.00. WEIGHTING TIME Peter Huggins's second book of poems, Blue Angels, clearly demonstrates this poet's ability to bring to the foreground those mysterious forces...
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