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Journal covering legal and ethical issues in the delivery of medical care.

Articles from Vol. 7, No. 2, Fall

Concerning the Case of 'Mr. Stevens.' (Symposium: Current Controversies in the Right to Live, the Right to Die)
The case presented for consideration concerns a "Mr. Stevens," a forty-nine year old man who received a severe head wound in an automobile accident. Various medical tests have been performed in the two-year period since the accident, and recent results...
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Death by Deliberate Dehydration and Starvation: Silent Echoes of the Hungerhauser
During the final days of his life, Oscar Wilde, aware that death was imminent, lost interest in food but drank whenever one of his visitors brought him a bottle. In reply to a friend's warning that his drinking was self-destructive, Wilde said: "You...
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Getting Down to Cases
Moral reasoning in clinical decisionmaking does not consist of drawing formal deductions from invariable abstract principles. It requires discerning judgment that weighs the uncertainties, complexities, and probabilities that the facts of a case present...
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Lives of Inestimable Value: Life Worthy of Life: A Response to the National Health and Medical Research Council's 'Discussion Paper on the Ethics of Limiting Life-Sustaining Treatment.' (Australia)
Disabled People' International (Australia) only recently became aware of National Health and Medical Research Council's (NH&MRC) "Discussion the Ethics of Limiting Life-Sustaining Treatment." [1] Disabled Peoples' International (Australia) has...
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Risk-Benefit Ratio: The Soft Underbelly of Patient Autonomy
On the face of it, nothing could be more reasonable than for a patient to weigh the risks attendant to a medical treatment against any benefits it might be expected to produce. Everyone supports the idea of informed consent, so appropriate to the...
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The Case of Mr. Stevens
If I were requested to testify at trial as a "bioethical expert" my services would generally be contingent on two conditions. First, under ideal circumstances, I would prefer to be retained by the trial court judge him or herself and not by the individual...
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The Inability to Swallow as a Fatal Pathology: Comments on the McHugh/O'Rourke Correspondence and the Removal of Life-Sustaining Treatment
In September 1989, Bishop James McHugh circulated to all priests in the New Jersey Diocese of Camden a position paper concerning the provision of artificial hydration and nutrition (AHN). (1) In his paper, Bishop McHugh concludes, inter alia, that...
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