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A bimonthly digest of national and international politic affairs. Articles feature essays and debate on the interactions and relationships between the United States and other nations.

Articles from No. 52, Summer

Anatomy of a Farce
America sees farther because America stands taller. . . . We are the indispensable nation. - Madeleine Albright, Feb. 18, 1998 How is it that the indispensable nation had to rely twice in the space of four months on the likes of Yevgeny Primakov and...
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Bad Judgement at Bordeaux
The conviction in April of the former French treasury minister, Maurice Papon, for complicity in crimes against humanity has been welcomed across the world. That the former secretary-general of the Prefecture of Gironde (the department of which Bordeaux...
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Can Asians Think?
This is obviously a sensitive question. In this age of political correctness that we live in, just imagine the uproar that could be caused if I went to Europe or Africa and asked, "Can Europeans think?" or "Can Africans think?" You have to be Asian to...
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Elegy for a Contrarian
After Enoch Powell's death in February, at the age of eighty-five, he received the kind of broad-based acclaim from the British establishment never offered during the key battles of his lifetime, and denied him most particularly during the pivotal half...
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In Asia's Mirror: From Commodore Perry to the IMF
From Commodore Perry to the IMF ASIA has been laid low before. It has, in its moments of crisis, been forced to open up to the West before. These openings have been attended by an interesting kaleidoscope of moods, their usual pattern neatly captured...
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Mao in History
Early one morning in the summer of 1972, John King Fairbank, my senior colleague among Harvard's East Asia faculty at the time, phoned to ask if I would look over a draft article for Foreign Affairs summing up his first trip to China since the 1940s....
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Religion and American Foreign Policy: The Story of a Complex Relationship
Congressional consideration of the Freedom from Religious Persecution bill introduced by Representative Frank Wolf and Senator Arlen Specter has precipitated a small-scale debate about a little-studied subject: the connection between American religion...
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The Demons of Kosovo
A gray falcon spread its wings and flew away from Jerusalem to the field of Kosovo. It carried a book from the Mother of God to Tsar Lazar, who was preparing his army to defend Serbia against attack by the Turks. The falcon dropped the book on the Tsar's...
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The People Next Door: Australia and the Asian Crisis
Australia is the nearest Western country to that great bonfire of the vanities, the Asian crisis. The fear is that it may also be the most combustible. The extent of Australian dismay at this state of affairs can be understood only by reflecting on...
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