Journal covering past and current political, economical, social, and legal changes and developments in the Soviet Union and its successor states.

Articles from Vol. 7, No. 1, Winter

A Tribute to Galina Starovoitova
So much can be said about Galina Starovoitova. She was one of my best friends, someone I knew personally for more than four years. As a consulting editor of Demokratizatsiya, she was also a colleague. After her election to the Duma, she once apologized--with...
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Changing Russia's Electoral System: Assessing Alternative Forms of Representation and Elections
Considerable controversy surrounds Russia's current arrangements for electing deputies to its lower parliamentary chamber, the State Duma. The method, which provides for electing: one half of 450 seats by party list proportional representation (PR)...
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Electoral Democracy or Electoral Clanism? Russian Democratization and Theories of Transition
It seems clear that Russia's attempts at democratization and Westernization will not meet the expectations of Russia's democratic reformers. As happened in previous eras of Westernization, only some elements of Western liberal democracy have taken...
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Republican Party Calls for Reunification of Democratic Forces
INTERVIEW WITH VLADIMIR LYSENKO Zlobin: What do you see as the most desirable, but at the same time realistic scenario of Russia's evolution in the near future? Lysenko: I see now three possible variants of the development of the situation. The...
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Russia's 1997 Law Renews Religious Persecution
In October 1990, both the USSR under President Mikhail Gorbachev and the RSFSR under Boris Yeltsin (at the time, chairman of the Russian parliament or Supreme Soviet) adopted new laws on freedom of conscience and religious organizations.(1) These laws...
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The Communist Parties of Russia and Ukraine on the Eve of the 1999 Elections
Similarities, Contrasts, and Interactions For both the Russian Federation and Ukraine the year 1999 will be critical, with the Ukrainian presidential contest forthcoming in October, the Russian State Duma elections scheduled for December, and even...
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The Noncommunist Left, Social Constituencies, and Political Strategies in Russia
Defining and identifying the noncommunist Left in Russia is in many ways an exercise in frustration. Whereas the organizations of the noncommunist Left in Russia are somewhat more permanent than that analogy suggests, the suggestion that we are dealing...
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The Patriarch and the President: Religion and Political Choice in Russia
In this article, we argue that the political attitudes and electoral behavior of Orthodox adherents in Russia today exemplify the traditional symphonic ideal of church-state relations. As supporters of President Yeltsin, Orthodox believers are carrying...
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The Russian Orthodox Church under Patriarch Aleksii II and the Russian State: An Unholy Alliance?
Like most present-day Russian institutions, the Russian Orthodox Church is in the process of defining a role for itself amidst the political, social, and economic turbulence of postcommunist Russia. The Russian Orthodox Church is unique, however, because...
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