The Journal of African American History

The Journal of African American History is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal that publishes scholarship on African American history. The Journal of African American History includes research and reviews.

Articles from Vol. 88, No. 1, Winter

African American Intellectuals Symposium
When I was invited to present to this symposium I accepted with great enthusiasm for occasions when we can gather together as feminist critics and engage with the work of black female intellectuals as the main focus of our attention, to celebrate one...
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Allegory and Psychoanalysis
As part of a celebration of the work of Claudia Tate, I am going to discuss the two terms that figure prominently in the titles of her books: allegory and psychoanalysis. How are these two terms related? Almost a quarter-century ago, Roy Schafer...
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Black Women, Carter G. Woodson, and the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, 1915-1950
"Woodson himself lacked background for broad historical writing; he was almost contemptuous of emotion; he had limited human contacts and sympathies." Several months after his death, W. E. B. Du Bois concluded this harsh criticism of the founder of...
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Introduction: Claudia Tate and the Protocols of Black Literature and Scholarship
A brilliant scholar of American, women's, and African American literature, Claudia Tate (1946-2002) succumbed to small cell lung cancer in Fair Haven, New Jersey, on 29 July 2002. She was fifty-five years old and in the midst of a new research project....
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Leaders in the Court and Community: Z. Alexander Looby, Avon N. Williams, Jr., and the Legal Fight for Civil Rights in Tennessee, 1940-1970
Z. Alexander Looby (1899-1972) and Avon N. Williams, Jr. (1921-1994) were the most prominent civil rights attorneys working in Tennessee during the post-World War II period. They filed dozens of lawsuits pertaining to school desegregation, racial discrimination...
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Richard Wright's Black Medusa
I'm honored to have been invited to participate in this brilliant event, and to have been thought of alongside such a great a company of teachers and scholars as those with whom I am sharing today's panels. As much as I have long adored Claudia Tate,...
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The History of Freedom's Journal: A Study in Empowerment and Community
In presenting our first number to our Patrons, we feel all the diffidence of persons entering upon a new and untried line of business. But a moments reflection upon the noble objects, which we have in view by the publication of this Journal; the expediency...
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