The Journal of African American History

The Journal of African American History is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal that publishes scholarship on African American history. The Journal of African American History includes research and reviews.

Articles from Vol. 93, No. 4, Fall

Carter G. Woodson Distinguished Lecturers 2008-2009
The Association for the Study of African American Life and History and The Journal of African American History are pleased to present the list of the Carter G. Woodson Distinguished Lecturers for 2008-2009. These lecturers are among the leading scholars...
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Cross-Cultural Commemoration: From the Slave Trade Abolition Bicentennial to Carnival Messiah
Harewood House is currently listed as "one of the Treasure Houses of England." Located in northern England between Leeds and Harrogate in Yorkshire, it is currently an independent charitable trust established to maintain and develop "its collections...
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"I Never Have Such a Sickly Ship Before": Diet, Disease, and Mortality in 18th-Century Atlantic Slaving Voyages
On 11 August 1750, British ship captain John Newton departed Liverpool aboard the vessel, Duke of Argyle, setting sail for the Windward Coast of Africa. After docking close to a month later, he entered into business negotiations with local merchants...
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Introduction: Ending the Transatlantic Slave Trade: Bicentennial Research, Reflections, and Commemorations
"Denial--It's not just a river in Egypt." The year 2008 marks the bicentennial of the end of legal participation of United States citizens in the transatlantic slave trade. Under the terms of compromises that were made to gain southern slaveholders'...
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James Wolfinger, Philadelphia Divided: Race and Politics in the City of Brotherly Love
James Wolfinger, Philadelphia Divided: Race and Politics in the City of Brotherly Love. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 2007. Pp. 336. Cloth $49.95. Most commentators agree that the shift rightward in U.S. politics began in...
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Reflections on the Bicentennial of the Abolition of the British Slave Trade
In March 2007, I visited the United Kingdom to present two conference papers on black abolitionists in the Atlantic world. Both talks drew upon my recently published book Rites of August First: Emancipation Day in the Black Atlantic World (2007). I...
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Resistance and Collaboration: Political Strategies within the Afro-Carolinian Slave Community, 1700-1750
Scholars of American slavery have attempted to draw some general conclusions about the strategies employed by the enslaved African Americans who encountered the restrictive and increasingly circumscribed world of American plantation societies. Beginning...
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The Slaving Brig Henriqueta and Her Evil Sisters: A Case Study in the 19th-Century Illegal Slave Trade to Brazil
The Middle Passage, the forced migration of millions of African captives across the Atlantic Ocean to enslavement in the Western Hemisphere, is arguably the most defining factor of the modern world. Yet, for all of its magnitude and its indisputably...
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