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Articles from Vol. 25, No. 2, Fall

Academic Journal Ranking: Important to Strategic Management and General Management Researchers?
Abstract This study explores two questions pertaining to research publications: the importance of publications, and the perceived ranking of strategic and general management journals. The reasons why research publishing is important are 1) it is...
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A Framework for Developing an Effective Mission Statement
Introduction An increasing number of profit and nonprofit organizations across America are incorporating strategic management activities into their overall operations. Strategic management can be defined as the formulation, implementation, and evaluation...
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Consumer Perception of E-Service Quality: From Internet Purchaser and Non-Purchaser Perspectives
Abstract This exploratory study expands the knowledge concerning service quality dimensions in the context of Internet commerce, from the differing perspectives of two groups: Internet purchasers and Internet non-purchasers. Six primary service...
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Emerging Value Propositions for M-Commerce
Abstract The proliferation of mobile Internet devices is creating an unparalleled opportunity for e-commerce to leverage the benefits of mobility. Mobile e-commerce, commonly referred to as m-commerce, is the ability to purchase goods anywhere through...
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Logistics Leverage
Abstract It is the purpose of this paper to position marketing and logistics relationships in a strategic context. The strategic position of both areas is used to draw conclusions for the future relationships of marketing and logistics and to suggest...
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The Journal of Business Strategies: The First Twenty-Five Years
Abstract The historical publishing pattern of the Journal of Business Strategies (JBS) is examined. Authors from 171 institutions have written over 262 articles from spring 1984 to fall 2008. Contributions to the journal were studied in terms of...
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