Journal of Comparative Family Studies

A journal emphasizing research concerning cross-cultural families for the academic audience.

Articles from Vol. 31, No. 1, Winter

Child Fostering and Fertility: Some Evidence from Ghana [*]
ROGER KLOMEGAH [**] INTRODUCTION Child fostering is a custom that is practiced in many African societies. Children are fostered out to live with surrogate parents in the event of family crisis or when the biological parents, for some reason,...
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Family Policy in a Changing Vietnam
STEVEN K. WISENSALE [*] Vietnam has a long history of maintaining a double life. For more than 1000 years it resisted foreign domination by China, France, and the United States. This "closed," defensive stance was balanced by a genuine openness...
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Impact of Watching International Television Programs on Adolescents in India: A Research Note [*]
ARCHITA VARMA [**] INTRODUCTION Learning leads to a relatively permanent change in the behavior of an individual as a result of practice or experience. Apart from classical conditioning or instrumental conditioning, learning also includes cognitive...
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Intermarriage among Italians: Some Regional Variations in Australia [*]
PARIMAL ROY [**] IAN HAMILTON M. [**] INTRODUCTION This paper is part of a larger project on the prevalence of intermarriage in Australia based on an analysis of census data. The primary aim of the paper is to identify the extent of intermarriage...
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Intermittent Employment among Married Women: A Comparative Study of Buenos Aires and Mexico City [*]
MARCELA CERRUTTI [**] INTRODUCTION In the past decade, female labor force participation in Latin America has grown rapidly. This increase has coincided with the implementation of structural adjustment and economic reform policies, These policies...
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Intrafamiliar Congruence in Gender-Role Ideology: Husband-Wife versus Parents-Offspring [*]
LIAT KULIK [**] The study deals with congruence in gender-role ideology among family members (i.e., husband-wife, and parents-offspring). This topic is especially relevant, owing to the recent emergence of diverse family patterns which reflect an...
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Privacy in the Family: Its Hierarchical and Asymmetric Nature
YING-KEUNG CHAN [*] INTRODUCTION Social and behavioural scientists tend to define privacy in many different ways. Some define it in terms of the individual's ability to withdraw from unwanted interactions; others refer to the subject's ability...
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Status Exchange in Intermarriage among Hawaiians, Japanese, Filipinos and Caucasians in Hawaii: 1983-1994
XUANNING FU [*] TIM B. HEATON [**] High rates of intermarriage are a unique demographic characteristic of the people of Hawaii. Historically intermarriage has been common in Hawaii, and the outmarriage rate during the last decade was around 46%...
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