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Articles from Vol. 15, No. 2, Summer

Denying Medical Staff Privileges Based on Economic Credentials
I. INTRODUCTION A hospital should be able to deny a competitor physician medical staff privileges. The hospital administration, governing body, and peer review committee are qualified to determine whether a physician should be denied medical staff...
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Internet Pharmacies: Cyberspace versus the Regulatory State
At a July 30, 1999 Congressional hearing, an investigative journalist testified that he was able to order Viagra for his cat, Tom, using the cat's actual height and weight. (2) In other instances, the reporter and a colleague were able to obtain Viagra...
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Lessons Taught by Miss Evers' Boys: The Inadequacy of Benevolence and the Need for Legal Protection of Human Subjects in Medical Research
Legal regulation and ethical constraints on medical research are again at the forefront of public policy concerns. The reported deaths of a volunteer in a gene therapy research program at the University of Pennsylvania and of a participant in an asthma...
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The Stifling of Competition by the Antitrust Laws: The Irony of the Health Care Industry
INTRODUCTION In recent years, the health care system in the United States has come to be dominated almost entirely by large health maintenance organizations [hereinafter "HMOs"] (1) and insurance providers. This trend has proven to deprive physicians...
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The Strict Ohio Supreme Court Decision in Biddle: Third Party Law Firm Held Liable for Inducing Disclosure of Medical Information
I. INTRODUCTION Cheryl Biddle had not paid her medical bills. (2) Nor had she consented to have her patient registration form released to anyone outside the hospital. (3) What she did not know was that the hospital agreed to send all patient registration...
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Washington V. Glucksberg: Influence of the Court in Care of the Terminally Ill and Physician Assisted Suicide
I. INTRODUCTION On June 26, 1997, the United States Supreme Court considered a constitutional challenge to a Washington statute that criminalized acts of deliberate assistance of another in committing suicide. (1) The Court ruled that an asserted...
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