California History

A quarterly historical journal that publishes scholarly articles dedicated to the study and promotion of all aspects of California and Western history, from pre-Columbian to modern times.

Articles from Vol. 80, No. 2/3, Summer-Fall

Eternal Light: Visions of Gottardo Piazzoni
When asked, "And what is your religion?" artist Gottardo Fidele Ponziano Piazzoni (1872-1945) hesitated, then replied, "I think it is California." (1) Piazzoni's statement summarizes the essence of his landscape painting. Through his unique reductive...
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George Freeth: King of the Surfers and California's Forgotten Hero
Show me a hero and I'll write you a tragedy. F. Scott Fitzgerald Not far from the crowded shoreline of Waikiki Beach is the final resting place of a native Hawaiian who forever changed California and its image to the world. Beneath the Freeth...
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Revising the Sesquicentennial Narrative: The Importance of Josiah Royce's California for Our Time
Two books appeared in the mid-1980s that were important in re-orienting public discourse about the past and the future of American life. Late; two groups of scholars evaluated these books, and the authors were given an opportunity for response. In...
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Salt Gets in Your Eyes. (Seeing California)
Looking out from high on a bluff north of Fort Ross on the Sonoma County coast or from southbound Interstate 5 over the sand and beyond the Marine Corps training grounds at Camp Pendleton near Oceanside, we see the sea. We see nothing but the sea....
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