California History

A quarterly historical journal that publishes scholarly articles dedicated to the study and promotion of all aspects of California and Western history, from pre-Columbian to modern times.

Articles from Vol. 83, No. 3, Winter

Geology's Guests
In California, we live with geological enormity. Everywhere, we see and feel the force of geology: In the Sierra, we gaze up and marvel at the tallest mountains in the continental United States, and only miles away, in Death Valley, we cast our eyes...
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The California Historical Society is deeply grateful to the following individual donors for their contributions received between February 1, 2005, and February 1, 2006: $10,000 AND ABOVE Mr. Ted Balestreri, Monterey Mr. Robert A. Chlebowski,...
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Jack London's Flask
Like other opportunistic journalists and photographers, Jack London (1876-1916) rushed to San Francisco to observe the effects of the 1906 earthquake and fires, commemorated in this issue of California History. London and his second wife Charmian were...
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Santa Cruz Island
"A volcano!" My five-year-old nephew Ellis catches his first sight of Santa Cruz Island from the Island Packers catamaran. It's a chilly and gray winter morning, and only a hesitant peak peers through the low clouds. I had expected we would have the...
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Sixty Stories in Search of a City
Recent scholarship in cultural and literary studies has shown how narrative and the stories we tell shape knowledge and our perception of the world. This is true for understanding people, politics, cultures, and economies as well as our assessment...
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Sunny Jim in the Boiling Cauldron: The Fatal First Year of the Rolph Administration
In late 1929 James Rolph, Jr., was nearing the end of an unprecedented fifth term as mayor of San Francisco. He was a flamboyant, charismatic man, whose genuine warmth had made him an icon in the Bay Area and one of the most admired politicians anywhere...
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