California History

A quarterly historical journal that publishes scholarly articles dedicated to the study and promotion of all aspects of California and Western history, from pre-Columbian to modern times.

Articles from Vol. 81, No. 1, Winter

California on His Mind the Easel and Pen of Pioneer George Duglas Brewerton
In late February of 1848, a tall and wiry second lieutenant whose father was superintendent of West Point sat "in arrest" in San Francisco. George Douglas Brewerton may have occupied the same Yerba Buena blockhouse that he usually commanded in the...
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The Start of Something Big: Theater Music in Los Angeles, 1880-1900
A DYNAMIC MUSIC CULTURE Just as there is no business like show business, there is no musical metropolis like Los Angeles. The city has become the epicenter for entertainment in America. Almost every type of musical tradition has flourished within...
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The Week the Experts Came to Town
Every major American city has experienced a strategic juncture in its growth when it crossed a threshold, shedding the entrapments of local or regional parochialism and moving into the fullness of a nationally recognized metropolis. For some cities,...
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Trailblazing in Marin: Women's Dipsea Hikes, 1918-1922
In June 2001, sixty-one-year-old Shirley Matson crossed the finish line first, winning her third Dipsea cross-country foot race in less than a decade. (1) Matson's successes on the Dipsea course are as remarkable as the race itself, which is the...
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