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Articles from Vol. 94, No. 2, Autumn

Ibsen on Film
The author considers some of the 112 film versions of Henrik Ibsen's plays and explains why Shakespeare, Dickens, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Chekhov and Strindberg have fared better on the screen.DURING THE SHOOTING OF THE MISFITS, THE SCRIPTWRITER Arthur...
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Ibsen's Legacy: Making the Theater Matter
How the great Norwegian writer became the father of modern drama.HENRK IBSEN'S LEGACY IS, QUITE SIMPLY, THE THEATER as we know it. Ibsen is the father of modern drama, a theater not about "them"-the kings and nobles of Shakespeare and Schiller, the bourgeoisie...
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Jacob Riis: Social Reformer
The Danish-born journalist's campaign to clean up the slums of New York City owed as much to a brutally slain dog as to moral principles.EVEN THOSE WHO KNOW MORE ABOUT JACOB RIIS THAN the parks and housing developments named after him in New York City...
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My Norwegian Uncle
How one Lutheran gambler was the wildest of cards in an Irish Catholic Brooklyn family.I NEVER CAME CLOSE TO CLIMBING INTO THE RING AS A contender and my brother never ended up hanging from a meat hook in an alley, but the two of us have always identified...
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Remembering Tore Gjelsvik
Resistance hero during World War II and for many years Norway's highly respected voice in the international polar community, Gjelsvik was a man of great integrity and an unwavering Norwegian patriot. These reminiscences, excerpted from Polar Research,...
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Scandinavia's Global Role
For many scholars, Scandinavia is a marginal, seemingly unimportant corner of Europe whose role is conditioned and defined by larger powers. The author rejects this assumption and explains how a small group of like-minded societies can advance particular...
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Terje Vigen: An Idealist Triumph
Ibsen's poem Terje Vigen is a perfect allegory of 19th-century Norway and unmatched in terms of national and human pathos in his entire production. Generations of Norwegian schoolchildren had to learn passages from it by heart.IN 1862, IBSEN PUBLISHED...
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The Stockholm Water Prize
For the past 15 years, Swedish-initiated efforts to promote the sustainable use of freshwater resources have drawn attention to the world's growing water crisis.EVERY YEAR SINCE 1991 FOR ONE WEEK IN AUGUST, MANY of the world's top water policy experts...
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Tove Jansson and Her Lovable Moomins
The fantasy creations of the Finnish-Swedish author have delighted generations of children and adults worldwide ever since they first appeared in the 1940s. Here, Jansson's niece talks about her illustrious aunt.AS TOVE WAS A VERY DEAR AUNT I ALSO GREW...
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