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Articles from Vol. 98, No. 2, Summer

Centennial Chronicle, Part 2 with a Note from the Publisher
A random birthday is acknowledged, if at all, by a day or evening of modest celebration. A landmark birthday warrants a little more attention, perhaps a day or two of festivities. But a 100th birthday, a relative rarity and a truly major event, demands...
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Harnessing the Power of the Ocean
Scientists have estimated that the power of waves breaking on the world's coastlines amounts to between 2 and 3 million MW of electricity per year. Harnessing tidal currents could deliver even more energy. As oil and gas begin to peak, the race is on...
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Nordic Art Unbound
This text is excerpted from an essay by the curators of an ASF centennial exhibition entitled North by New York: New Nordic Art.CONSIDER THE EXACT NATURE OF THE MANDATE HANDED to us as curators of this exhibition. North by New York: NCTV Nordic Art has...
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Reykjavík Revisited
Returning to the Icelandic capital in the 21st century, the author found it a far different city from what it was when he lived there in 1980.I FIRST LIVED IN REYKJAVIK FOR TEN MONTHS IN 1980-1981 while I was writing my dissertation on Old Icelandic...
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SASS Is Also a Centenarian
The ASF shares its centenary year with another venerable Scandinavia-oriented institution-the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies. At SASS's 101st annual academic conference last April outgoing president Jason Lavery delivered a welcome...
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What Our Students Think of Sweden
This article first appeared in the May 1920 issue of the American-Scandinavian Review and is republished here as part of a series of memorable historic articles contained in early issues of the Review.THAT THE STOCKHOLM DAGENS NYHETER SHOULD DEvote a...
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