American Journal of Psychotherapy

The American Journal of Psychotherapy is a professional journal covering issues in psychotherapy, including book reviews and software reviews. Founded in 1939, the Association for the Advancement of Psychotherapy publishes the American Journal of Psychotherapy four times a year. Dr. Byram T. Karasu is Editor-in-Chief.

Articles from Vol. 52, No. 4, Fall

Assessment of Suitability for Psychotherapy: I. Introduction and the Assessment Process
G. S. TRUANT, M.D. FR.C.P.(C)* Part I of this paper reviews the value of detailed psychotherapy-suitability assessments using criteria independent of illness severity. False-positive and false-negative determinations of suitability are minimized along...
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Attitudes toward Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and Psychoanalysts: A Meta-Content Analysis of 60 Studies Published between 1948 and 1995
A Meta-Content Analysis of 60 Studies Published between 1948 and 1995 KIRSTEN VON SYDOW, Ph.D.* CHRISTIAN REIMER, M.D.** Sixty studies, published between 1948 and 1995, on attitudes toward mental health professionals, particularly psychotherapists, were...
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Boundary Transgressions in the Psychotherapeutic Framework: Who Is the Injured Party?
TINA CHADDA, M.D., FR.C.P.* RODNEY SLONIM, M.D., ER.C.P** The authors emphasize the therapeutic value of establishing and maintaining boundaries between clinician and patient. No universal definition of a therapeutic boundary exists, and this ambiguous...
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Dynamic Change in Crisis Intervention
PAUL A. JERRY, M.A., C. PSYCH.* The author describes his work integrating psychodynamic theory and therapeutic methods in a crisis center Crises can be seen as situational mediators that place an individual's typical defenses and resistances in question....
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Origins of Homophobia in Males: Psychosexual Vulnerabilities and Defense Development
Psychosexual Vulnerabilities and Defense Development* JAMES LOCK, M.D., Ph.D.** BRIAN KLEIS, M.D.*** Purpose: To better understand the origins of homophobia among males. Methods: Literature review and clinical illustration. Results: Data suggest that...
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Psychotherapy in Russia: Historical Backgrounds and Current Practice
Johan M. Havenaar, M.D, Ph.D.* Ludmila Meijler-ljina M.D. Ph.D** Jan van den Bout Ph.D*** Alexander V. Melnikov M.D.**** During recent years, the former Soviet states have witnessed enormous social and cultural changes, which have also greatly influenced...
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Psychotherapy with Cancer Patients
NORMAN POSTONE, M.D.* Cancer is associated with significant psychosocial morbidity. Although psychodynamic psychotherapy is a valuable intervention for some cancer patients, this modality has been underutilized because psychotherapy with medically ill...
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The Widening Intellectual Scope of Psychoanalysis
PETER BUCKLEY, M.D.* THE WIDENING INTELLECTUAL SCOPE OF PSYCHOANALYSIS In a recent featured article in The American Journal of Psychiatry,1 the distinguished neuroscientist and psychiatrist, Eric R. Kandel, exhorted psychoanalysis to undergo an intellectual...
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Weakenings and Repairs in Supervisory Alliances: A Multiple-Case Study
WENDY ROSE BURKE, Ph.D.* RODNEY K. GOODYEAR, Ph.D.** CHRISTINE R. GUZZARD, M.S.*** The "weakening-repair" process in the working alliances of 10 supervisory dyads was examined. Trainees' level of professional development affected both the type of weakening...
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