American Journal of Psychotherapy

The American Journal of Psychotherapy is a professional journal covering issues in psychotherapy, including book reviews and software reviews. Founded in 1939, the Association for the Advancement of Psychotherapy publishes the American Journal of Psychotherapy four times a year. Dr. Byram T. Karasu is Editor-in-Chief.

Articles from Vol. 55, No. 4, 2001

Active Treatment of Depression
Despite advances in medication and psychotherapeutic methods, most patients with depression are subject to frequent recurrences and lead damaged lives even when they do not meet criteria for an episode. This article suggests an active, directive, educational...
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Ancient Templates: The Classical Origins of Psychoanalysis
In dreams The beastly and savage part (of the mind) ... endeavors to sally forth and satisfy its own natural instincts ... there is nothing it will not venture to undertake as being released from all sense of shame and all reason. It does not shrink...
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A Religious Psychiatrist's Ethnographic Self-Report
REFLECTIONS The religious identity of psychiatric patients is deemed important as it may impact upon the understanding of patients' problems and the quality of the therapeutic relationship. It would seem important that the psychiatrist should also be...
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Enhancing Self-Belief with EMDR: Developing a Sense of Mastery in the Early Phase of Treatment
Deep inside each of us is a seed that holds our vision of truth, peace, and happiness. Our early childhood attachments, societal influences, and innate capacity determine how well that seed is nurtured and the deepest inner vision is set free. This article...
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Freud's Unfortunates: Reflections on Haunted Beings Who Know the Disaster of Severe Trauma
I try to make the ghosts within me speak. (1, p. 143) The forms of dissociation are multiplex and must include a type of dissociation that represents human beings' fundamental inability to process and represent severe trauma. This article posits a form...
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Is Couple Therapy Indicated for Borderline Personality Disorder?
The healing aspects of intimate relationships are being recognized by therapists and supported by empirical findings. Little has been written regarding the indications for couple therapy for individuals with borderline personality disorder. This paper...
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Letters to the Editor
Dear Editor: While I very much appreciate the attention Dr. Shamasundar gave in his Commentary to my recent praxis paper, I am sorry to have to say that he seems to have missed the essentials of that article (Am. J. of Psychotherapy, 2000, vol. 54, pp....
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Psychotherapy for Massively Traumatized Refugees: The Therapist Variable
In the treatment of severe posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), much emphasis is put on techniques, especially behavioral therapies. Such techniques negate the importance of the therapist as an individual in the treatment of complex PTSD as presented...
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Therapeutic Action: A New Theory
This article introduces a new clinical construct: "Interaction structure." Interaction structures are recurrent, mutually influencing patterns of interaction between therapist and patient. The experience, recognition, and comprehension of the meaning...
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