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Articles from Vol. 53, No. 1, Spring

Course File for "Crossing Boundaries: Diversity and Representation"
COURSE FILE FOR "CROSSING BOUNDARIES: DIVERSITY AND REPRESENTATION"1 This two-semester course was developed as part of the -ISM(N.) Project, an initiative of the Institute for Public Media Arts, then based in Durham, North Carolina.2-- ISM(N.)3 is a...
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Directing Actors for the Screen
This article is comprised of two parts. The first is a course file. The second, shorter, part suggests wider applications and outcomes to be derived from the course. The Course A course on directing narrative drama can be challenging to organize. It...
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Streetwise: Rethinking Motion Picture Arts Education
As a recent graduate (San Francisco State University, MFA, Cinema) and new teacher, the subject of motion picture arts education is still fresh and alive in my thoughts from both perspectives. In fact, I knew before attending graduate school that I wanted...
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Teaching Media
Teaching production is something that all of us do. Yet, like much of our academic lives, it is often a solitary activity. This issue of the Journal of Film and Video seeks to connect production teachers through the publication of thoughtful scholarship...
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The Education of Women in Film Production
"...silence affects everyone in the end. " Ada in The Piano by Jane Campion For far too long, women were silenced in history and culture, and it did affect everyone who was deprived of hearing their voices. Now, as women are finding their voices, one...
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The Professor as Censor: Creative Limitation and Film Production Pedagogy
My interest in the conflict between cen-- sorship and creative limitation arises from personal experience. After my first year teaching film production at the University of Central Florida, I was disap-- pointed with the pedestrian choices of sub-- jects...
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To Be Rather Than to Seem: Liberal Education & Personal Growth through Documentary Production
Caretakers of classical liberal arts curricula have historically considered media production courses as one more area where the liberal arts have caved in to the pragmatic vocationalism and careerism often demanded by students and their parents. The...
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