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Articles from Vol. 11, No. 2, 2009

Administrative Pressures to Practice Unethically: Research and Suggested Strategies
Research indicates that school psychologists and special education teachers sometimes face pressures from school administrators to practice unethically. It includes quantitative and qualitative data on: School psychologists' and special education teachers'...
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A Hero Protects America's Children from Psychiatric Abuse
Jim Gottstein's Law Project for Psychiatric Rights ( has gone to court to stop the drugging of Alaska's children. Before they are given psychiatric drugs, Attorney Gottstein wants the following standards to be met:1. That proven psychosocial...
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During these past months we have witnessed the worsening crisis in national and global financial markets. Everyday news stories focus on increasing unemployment levels, with governments and businesses facing dire outcomes, consequential from the failure...
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Electroshock Forced on Children and Involuntary Adults
In the United States involuntary adults continue to be administered electroshock treatment (ECT) despite strenuous legal efforts and publicity generated by psychiatric reformers (Oaks, 2009). In Australia psychiatrists have taken shock treatment to a...
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Is a Correct Psychiatric Diagnosis Possible? Major Depressive Disorder as a Case in Point
The desire on the part of American psychiatry in the 1970s to "rejoin medicine" resulted in DSM-III and subsequent editions. The form of medical conditions is imitated as closely as possible by listing criteria symptom sets for supposedly discrete, autonomous...
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The Myth of the Chemical Cure: A Critique of Psychiatric Drug Treatment
The Myth of the Chemical Cure: A Critique of Psychiatric Drug Treatment . Joanna Moncrieff. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2008, 278 pp., $95.00.In the gloomiest of days during the American Revolution when George Washington's soldiers were enduring a...
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The Need to Operationally Define "Disease" in Psychiatry and Psychology
A universally accepted operational definition for the term "disease" is not yet established in contemporary psychiatry. In clinical psychology and psychiatry, disease has been used indiscriminately. The term disease has been invoked (even when no systemic...
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User Experiences of Different Treatment Cultures in Mental Health Care
Background: Clients have mixed experiences with mental health services. Historically there have been quite different and also incompatible approaches to treatment in mental health care. Some antagonisms may have been overcome, but clients' experiences...
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