Art Education

Published bimonthly, Art Education deals with issues of professional interest to art educators. Each issue of Art Education focuses on a single theme or topic, with in-depth features, art, and reviews.

Articles from Vol. 59, No. 5, September

Art Education for a Change: Contemporary Issues and the Visual Arts
It was the beginning of a new school year and our principal was busily reciting her "Welcome to your first day of high school" speech for the fresh batch of eighth graders. The students had spent their morning touring the school and were now sitting...
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"Back to School"
Like other periodicals, each issue of this journal is developed and prepared several months in advance. For example, the authors had to complete the final edits to their articles and I had to write this editorial at least 4 months before you could read...
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Back to the Basics: Multicultural Theories Revisited and Put into Practice
By its very nature, art offers a rich bounty of cultural exchange. Cultural influences guide expression in art, and art records and influences culture. Helping students view the world beyond their own cultural perspectives has potential to enrich them...
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Career Academies and the Arts: Implications for Schooling
Sophomore year I started skipping classes and did the bare minimum or didn't do anything-even in subjects that I liked. Because it was always the same thing... take a quiz, write a paper, and remember stuff for a test. Now I love coming to school. I'm...
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Daddy Daycare, Daffy Duck, and Salvador Dali: Popular Culture and Children's Art Viewing Experiences
In contemporary society, what, why, and how students come to gain knowledge and understandings of art defies traditional boundaries. In part, this is because of the prevalence of many forms of popular visual culture.In this article, we present three...
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Enhancing Critical Thinking with Aesthetic, Critical, and Creative Inquiry
Inquiry-based classroom activities require students to solve problems and answer questions that have more than one possible resolution. These types of activities stimulate critical thinking skills and dispositions in students (Burton, Horowitz, &...
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Teacher Research in the Socioconstructivist Art Classroom
The project approach for situated learning is a popular contemporary approach in education, and art education specifically. From a socioconstructivist perspective, such projects evolve in a community atmosphere as interactive activities, which offer...
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The Bathroom in (and as) Art
Recommended for grades 6-8People visit the bathroom many times a day, at home and away. Bathrooms are an important part of life, and yet we rarely talk about them in public. Almost everything done in the bathroom is a private matter: we use the toilet,...
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