Journal of Psychology and Theology

An academic journal promoting the integration of psychology and theology, where theology sets the boundaries for drawing conclusions. Its purpose is to present articles that have a biblical perspective on the nature of humankind.

Articles from Vol. 38, No. 1, Spring

A Butterfly Effect: The Impact of Marriage and Family Therapy Training on Students' Spouses
This qualitative study examines the impact of marriage and family therapy (MFT) training on the marriages of trainees. Analysis of data from 18 spouses of alumni from a training program in an evangelical Protestant seminary found participants reporting...
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Books Received
The following books have been received from publishers and are under consideration for review in the Journal of Psychology and Theology. Listing of a volume does not necessarily imply that it will be reviewed. Readers with appropriate academic and...
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Differentiation of Self and Christian Spiritual Maturity: Social Science and Theological Integration
Differentiation of Self (DoS) is a social science construct that is useful for an integrative conceptualization of Christian spiritual maturity. Differentiated relationality has its theological grounding in the Trinity. This article outlines interdisciplinary...
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Internet Pornography Use in the Context of External and Internal Religiosity
Past studies have demonstrated an inverse relationship between religiosity and such problem behaviors as crime, delinquency, alcoholism, and substance use. Religiosity may be a protective factor against problem behaviors. Recently, a new problematic...
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Journal File
This section of the Journal attempts to keep readers informed of current resources of an integrative nature or those related to the general field of the psychology of religion appearing in other professional journals. A wide range of psychological...
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Quest and Spiritual Development Moderated by Spiritual Transformation
A relational model of spirituality and transformation (Shults & Sandage, 2006; Sandage & Shults, 2007) based on the dialectic of spiritual dwelling and seeking (Wuthnow, 1998) was tested in a sample of Christian graduate seminary students (N=...
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Spirituality, Religion, and Work Values
The current study explored the relation of intrinsic religiousness and spirituality to work values with a sample of undergraduate college students (N = 265). Each of these constructs was found to weakly correlate with the value of influence, and spirituality...
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