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Articles from Vol. 37, No. 3, Winter

Bipolar Christianity: How Torturing "Sinful" Children Produced Holy Wars
"Who would not shudder if he were given the choice of eternal death or life again as a child? Who would not choose to die?"- St. AugustineTHE SOURCE OF KILLER MOTHERHOOD IN CHRISTIAN MISOGYNYThat all human sin and misery came into the world through the...
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Intangible Casualties: The Evacuation of British Children during World War II
The long-term consequences of modem war cannot be disclaimed or disparaged just because they are not easily and quickly apparent. The bills of war contain both tangible and intangible items; when the first have been paid, the second may still be accumulating.-...
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The Milk-Blood Equation's Historical Impact on Childcare
"And, oh, oh, by the way, the milk of the Virgin Mary! Ladies, where are your heads? And you, fine sirs, have you seen any of it? You know they're passing it off as a relic. Do you think that the Virgin Mary was a cow, that she would give away her milk...
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The Rod, the Paddle, and Abu Ghraib: The State of Childhood in the USA, Its Domestic and Foreign Policy Sequelae, and a Proposal for Social Policy Solutions
The study of psychohistory has made this abundantly clear: whenever we look at social and international violence in order to seek an explanation, the first question we should ask is: "What has childhood been like in this region, for this and the last...
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