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Articles from Vol. 38, No. 4, Spring

2010: The Year of the Bully
Several seemingly unrelated events came to a head in the fall of 2010, but the stage had already been set at least by August 28th, the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr. 's 1963 "I Have a Dream Speech" at the Lincoln Memorial when Glenn Beck staged...
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Europe: Hierarchical Super State or Participatory Network?
PR E FAC EAfter I gave the article below to the 2010 International Psychohistorical Association Convention, I was asked to add a Preface to it because it might seem to be idealizing the European Union too much and Journal readers in the U.S. might not...
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Everything Has Changed, but Nothin' Has Changed: Shame, Racism, and a Dream Deferred
EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED, OR HAS IT?Mention the 1963 March on Washington and what comes to everyone's mind is Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech. Few realize that the official title of that march was the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom....
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Global Wars to Restore U.S. Masculinity
Rough, tough, we're the stuff, We want to fight and we can't get enough!- Theodore Roosevelt1The spectacular economic and political progress of much of the world in the 20th century was an achievement of the improvement in childrearing modes of the families...
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How History Allows Insight into American Militarism
Between WWI and WWII, the United States developed and approved as official national policy, three major war plans: a) War Plan ORANGE against Japan, b) War Plan GREEN against Mexico, and c) War Plan RED against the UK.1 But there were other war plans...
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The U.S. Frontier Myth, American Identity and 9/11
Like a child birthed in violence, a nation born to war may become hard wired to repeat the behavior, a generation of psychohistorical research has shown.1 In short, trauma demands repetition.2 Consider the case of the United States, bathed in and ushered...
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