Studies in Art Education

Studies in Art Education is a journal of research in visual art education. Since it was founded in 1959, it is printed quarterly. The journal is published by the National Art Education Association.Subjects for Studies in Art Education include art and art history and education.

Articles from Vol. 44, No. 1, Fall

An Evolving Feminist Leadership Model for Art Education
An evolving feminist leadership model for art education, designed by the authors, is discussed with an explanation of how criteria of coherence, completeness, and appropriateness were used for analysis of four previous models and the current model. The...
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Angels, Wings, and Hester Prynne: The Place of Content in Teaching Adolescent Artists
This case study uses adolescents' accounts of studio practice to trace the diverse themes, sources, and contexts that inspire aesthetic and narrative meaning in their artworks. Beyond self-expression and formal and technical concerns, the study illustrates...
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Editorial: A Studies in Art Education Task
I have a task for you. I am interested in the questions Studies readers ask when they read the articles that appear on these pages. If I see this as an assessment task, I basically have two options to consider as I ponder what I believe the scholarly...
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Home Is Where the Art Is: Exploring the Places People Live through Art Education
Through an analysis of yard art in a town of upstate New York, the relevance of an ethnographic, cultural studies/visual culture approach to art education focused on issues regarding place is established. In light of art educators' interest in place,...
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Mentoring in the Art Classroom
This is a study in sociocultural learning. We began by combining a high school art class and a first grade class to create a tile mosaic mural for an elementary school wall. By using the multi-age format we hoped to expand art content knowledge and skills...
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Why Do Good Art Teachers Find It Hard to Stay in the Public School System?
This study is part of extended research that explores how beginning art teachers negotiate their teaching identity and beliefs within the public educational system. The research involved 28 former art student-teachers who recently graduated from the...
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