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The Agricultural Education Magazine publishes articles on instruction leadership, supervision, and curriculum development in agricultural education in the United States and other countries.

Articles from Vol. 76, No. 4, January/February

A New Year: New Directions
As we begin a new year, The Agricultural Education Magazine also starts with a new Editor. As your new Editor of The Agricultural Education Magazine, I am thrilled to have been selected to continue the tradition of this excellent, dynamic, and practical...
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An Overivew of LifeKnowledge
Defining and Measuring Success of a MissionSince the inception of FFA in 1928, the opportunity and need for positive personal development in students has been recognized. The philosophy central to this effort has been expressed in the FFA Motto, the...
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FFA Members, Why Are We Here?: Standards-Based Accountability in the FFA
Agriculture teachers are some of the busiest teachers in a school. Their days are filled with lessons, laboratory activities, parent meetings, and FFA career development event practice. It was during a lull in the daily battle to stamp out ignorance...
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Impact of Student Motivation on Teaching and Learning
LifeKnowledge planning and delivery techniques that will greatly increase student motivation and thus impact teaching and learning. All LifeKnowledge techniques require prior planning on the teacher's part and participation on the student's part. In...
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Leadership Development for All!
I love Agricultural Education! There is not a semester that passes when I do not count my blessings to be a member of the "family." About the time I've finished counting my blessings, I marvel at the wisdom of our fore mothers and fathers who created...
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Leadership for Every Agriculture Student: Six Key Components of a Complete Leadership Education Program
Picture this... It is a bright and sunny summer morning. School is out for summer break, the warmth of the sun makes the local swimming hole an inviting option for youth enjoying their vacation from reading, writing, and arithmetic. In fact, the long...
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Leadership Isn't Just for Officers
Imagine that the dynamic leadership training the FFA officers receive was brought to the grassroots of the organization, the agricultural science classroom. A group of 36 writers, nine university educators, 212 high school and middle school teachers,...
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LifeKnowledge: FFA's Knowledge for Life?
Can an initiative be so good that it deserves the title of LifeKnowledge? For these two editors the answer is, yes. The National FFA Organization is proposing that the LifeKnowledge leadership lessons be infused into existing agricultural education curriculums,...
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