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Articles from Vol. 27, No. 1, 2012

Adapting Dating Violence Prevention to Francophone Switzerland: A Story of Intra-Western Cultural Differences
Dating violence prevention programs, which originated in the United States, are beginning to be implemented elsewhere. This article presents the first adaptation of a violence prevention program for a European culture, Francophone Switzerland. A U.S....
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A Prospective Study of Sexual Assault and Alcohol Use among First-Year College Women
This study prospectively examined the relation between alcohol use and sexual assault in a sample (N = 319) of first-year college women. Both frequency of drinking and frequency of binge drinking were measured. Over the course of their freshman year,...
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Epidemiology of Mixed Martial Arts and Youth Violence in an Ethnically Diverse Sample
Mixed martial arts' (MMAs) growing international popularity has rekindled the discussion on the advantages (e.g., exercise) and disadvantages (e.g., possible injury) of contact sports. This study was the first of its kind to examine the psychosocial...
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Examining Gender Differences in the Relationship between Dating Violence Victimization and Anger in College Students
It has been well established that dating violence victimization is associated with various mental health problems. Relatively, little is known about similarities and differences between mental health correlates of dating violence victimization for males...
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Modeling the Effects of Victim Behavior and Moral Character on Prosecutors' Charging Decisions in Sexual Assault Cases
Prior research, modeling the effects of the victim's behavior and character on prosecutors' charging decisions, has used either a dichotomous variable that reflects the presence of any risky behavior or moral character issues or an additive index that...
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Physical Victimization of Rural Methamphetamine and Cocaine Users
Substance use and physical violence often coincide, but little has been published on the correlates associated with receipt of partner versus nonpartner physical violence for rural users of methamphetamine and/or cocaine. In this study, participants'...
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Predictors of Victim-Perpetrator Relationship Stability Following a Sexual Assault: A Brief Report
The researchers assessed the predictors of victim-perpetrator relationship stability following a sexual assault. Participants included 254 women sexually assaulted by a friend, casual dating partner, or steady dating partner. Results suggested that most...
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Suicide Clusters: Introducing a Novel Type of Categorization
A suicide cluster within a given community may be defined as a group of suicides or suicide attempts, or both, that happen closer together in time and space than would generally be expected. However, since the perception of clustering may itself be a...
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The Mental Health Focus in Rape Crisis Services: Tensions and Recommendations
In the evolution of rape crisis services, tensions persist between rape crisis service programs and mental health professionals. Changes within these programs and professions have brought the embedded concerns to the surface, but they remain unexamined...
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