Violence and Victims

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Articles from Vol. 7, No. 3, 1992

After the Crisis: A Needs Assessment of Women Leaving a Domestic Violence Shelter
The current study presents the results of a needs assessment of 141 women exiting an emergency shelter for women with abusive partners. Extensive in-person interviews were conducted. Results indicate that battered women need numerous community resources...
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Attitudes and Practices of Doctors toward Spouse Assault Victims: An Australian Study
The attitudes and practices of 96 doctors toward spousal assault victims in the Australian Capital Territory, Australia, were investigated by questionnaire surveys distributed to general practitioners. The results indicate that although most doctors...
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Coping Capacity among Women with Abusive Partners
Coping capacity, although increasingly implicated as a mediating force in how individuals respond to personal threat, is an underrecognized factor in work with women of abusive partners. To explore the utility of coping capacity as a multivariable set...
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Patterns of Homicide among the Elderly
Forty-five homicide offenders aged 55 and older are analyzed in the contexts of their deadly acts. Analyses include demographic and social characteristics of offenders and victims, demographic and social relationships between offenders and victims, circumstances...
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Sex, Race, Age, and Violent Offending
Although there is an increase in attention being paid to race and sex variations in crime and delinquency, little has been done to disaggregate the "gender-ratio" problem in order to account for participation in particular offenses, specifically different...
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The Role of Family Factors, Physical Abuse, and Sexual Victimization Experiences in High-Risk Youths' Alcohol and Other Drug Use and Delinquency: A Longitudinal Model
Our understanding of the adverse effects of early child physical and sexual abuse has developed to a point where there is need to elucidate the processes by which various developmental outcomes occur. Limited variability on key measures of family stress...
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