Violence and Victims

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Articles from Vol. 1, No. 2, 1986

An Analysis of Risk Markers in Husband to Wife Violence: The Current State of Knowledge
The present review involves the evaluation of 97 potential risk markers of husband to wife violence. Using 52 case-comparison studies as the source of data, markers were divided into four categories: consistent risk, inconsistent risk, consistent nonrisk,...
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Consensus and Difference among Hospital Professionals in Evaluating Child Maltreatment
The decision-making process in suspected cases of child maltreatment involves reaching interprofessional consensus. Interprofessional consensus in seriousness ratings of maltreatment incidents for the welfare of the child was examined by surveying 39...
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The second issue of Violence and Victims contains some important contributions to the literature on interpersonal violence. The first article by Gary Jensen and David Brownfield examines the relationship between gender, delinquent behavior, and victimization...
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Gender, Lifestyles, and Victimization: Beyond Routine Activity
Using data from a national survey of high school seniors and a study of high school students in Tucson, Arizona, this paper tests hypotheses about gender, routine activities, and delinquent activities as correlates of teenage victimization. The results...
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Marital Power, Conflict, and Violence in a Nationally Representative Sample of American Couples
Data on a nationally representative sample of 2,143 couples are used to study the relationship to marital violence of the power structure of marriage, power norm consensus, and the level of marital conflict. The couples were classified as equalitarian,...
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