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Articles from Vol. 20, No. 3, June

A Qualitative Investigation of Johnson's Typology
The couple typology described by Johnson and Ferraro (2000) provided the framework for this analysis of narrative accounts of couples in violent heterosexual relationships. Participants were 15 bidirectionally violent couples who were interviewed separately...
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Female-Perpetrated Intimate Partner Violence and Romantic Attachment Style in a College Student Sample
The frequency, severity, and reciprocity of female-perpetrated intimate partner violence and its consequences (i.e., injuries) were investigated in a college sample of women (N = 457). Participants were classified into one of the following four groups...
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Physical and Mental Health Outcomes of Women in Nonviolent, Unilaterally Violent, and Mutually Violent Relationships
Despite equivocal findings on whether men or women are more violent, the negative impact of violence is greatest for women. To determine how gender asymmetry in perpetration affects women's health status, we conducted a study in two phases with 835 African...
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Prosecution of Women Arrested for Intimate Partner Abuse
Increasing arrests of women for domestic violence (DV) in the wake of mandatory arrest laws have generated significant concern among victim advocates, researchers, and practitioners. It is commonly believed that many, if not most, of the women arrested...
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Typology of Reactions to Intimate Partner Violence among Men and Women Arrested for Partner Violence
This study examined behavioral and emotional responses to partner-initiated violence reported by men and women court-ordered to domestic violence counseling. Respondents provided Likert-type ratings of behavioral and emotional responses to their partners'...
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Women Who Use Violence in Intimate Relationships: The Role of Anger, Victimization, and Symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress and Depression
The present study examines the role of anger and victimization in women's use of aggression in heterosexual intimate relationships. The sample was composed of 108 women, primarily African American, urban, and poor, who had used violence against a partner...
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