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Articles from Vol. 24, No. 1, 2009

Defining Appropriate Stages of Change for Intimate Partner Violence Survivors
Recent research suggests that the transtheoretical model of behavior change is a promising approach for interventions addressing women's experiences of intimate partner violence. This study explores the distribution of abused women across the stages...
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Exploring the Relationship between Childhood Maltreatment and Intimate Partner Abuse: Gender Differences in the Mediating Role of Emotion Dysregulation
Despite evidence that childhood maltreatment is associated with increased risk for intimate partner abuse perpetration, the mechanisms underlying this relationship remain unclear. Given literature suggesting that violent behaviors may serve an emotion...
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Intimate Partner Violence among Hispanic Men and Women: The Role of Drinking, Neighborhood Disorder, and Acculturation-Related Factors
Using secondary data analysis, this study assessed the contribution of drinking, neighborhood disorder, and acculturation-related factors to past-year intimate partner violence (IPV) risk among a national sample of married or cohabiting Hispanic men...
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Intimate Partner Violence and Community Service Needs among Pregnant and Postpartum Latina Women
Health care providers are advised to refer abused women to needed community services. However, little is known about abused women's perceived need for services, particularly among Latina women. We examined the relationship between intimate partner violence...
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Is Psychological Aggression as Detrimental as Physical Aggression? the Independent Effects of Psychological Aggression on Depression and Anxiety Symptoms
The differential effects of psychological and physical victimization on depression and anxiety symptoms were examined via APIM and growth curve modeling techniques in a sample of newlyweds (N = 103 couples) assessed four times over the first 3 years...
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Longitudinal Examination of Physical and Relational Aggression as Precursors to Later Problem Behaviors in Adolescents
Research has addressed the consequences of being a victim of physical and relational aggression but less so the consequences of being an aggressor during adolescence. Consequently, relatively little is known about the extent to which aggression in early...
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Prevalence and Risk Factors of Gender-Based Violence Committed by Male College Students in Awassa, Ethiopia
We sought to determine the prevalence and risk factors for the perpetration of gender-based violence among 1,378 male undergraduate students in Awassa, Ethiopia. A self-administered questionnaire was used to collect information. Nearly a quarter (24.4%;...
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Relationships between Mobbing at Work and MMPI-2 Personality Profile, Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms, and Suicidal Ideation and Behavior
This study investigates the relationships between the experience of mobbing at work and personality traits and symptom patterns as assessed by means of the revised version of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI-2). Participants were...
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Sexual Assault in Men: A Population-Based Study of Virginia
Male sexual assault is a serious public health issue that is mostly underreported and unrecognized. A population-based study was conducted on 705 adult men in Virginia. The study found a lifetime prevalence of 12.9% among men, with 94% assaulted for...
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