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Articles from Vol. 23, No. 6, 2008

Crime Victims' Perceptions of Restitution: The Importance of Payment and Understanding
The Office for Victims of Crime recommends that victims should be informed, consulted, respected, and made whole, rights that relate to informational, procedural, interpersonal, and distributive justice. We surveyed 238 victims in two Pennsylvania counties...
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Depression as a Mediator between Family Factors and Peer-Bullying Victimization in Latino Adolescents
The purpose of this study was to assess the mediating role of depression in three different relationships: (a) sibling bullying and peer victimization, (b) mothers' power-assertive parenting and peer victimization, and (c) fathers' power-assertive parenting...
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Hostile Attributional Bias, Early Abuse, and Social Desirability in Reporting Hostile Attributions among Chinese Immigrant Batterers and Nonviolent Men
This study examined differences in reporting hostile attributional bias (HAB) between court-referred Chinese immigrant batterers and a nonviolent community sample. It measured social desirability (SD) in their reporting of HAB by including an SD measure...
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Police Officer Perceptions of Intimate Partner Violence: An Analysis of Observational Data
This article explores police officer perceptions of intimate partner violence (IPV) using observational data from police ride-alongs. We performed a qualitative analysis of narrative data from the Project on Policing Neighborhoods (POPN) to examine officers'...
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Polyvictimization by Dating Partners and Mental Health among U.S. College Students
Studies on mental health effects of partner violence often ignore multiple victimizations or polyvictimization. The current study had several objectives: (a) examine the rate of physical, psychological, and sexual victimization and combinations of them...
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Prevalence and Risk Factors of Gender-Based Violence among Female College Students in Awassa, Ethiopia
We determined the prevalence and risk factors of gender-based violence among 1,330 female college students in Awassa, Ethiopia. Participants completed a self-administered questionnaire that collected information on experience with gender-based violence...
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Self-Reports of Violent Victimization among U.S. Adults
This article describes the prevalence of violent victimization and injuries among U.S. adults and examines how these estimates differ by individual- and household-level characteristics using the second nationally representative Injury Control and Risk...
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The "Homogamy" of Road Rage Revisited
The principle of homogamy, the tendency for victims and offenders to share behavioral and demographic characteristics, has been applied to various forms of violent crime. This article explores how this principle relates to types of "road rage" using...
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