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Articles from Vol. 16, No. 2, 2001

Attitudinal Acceptance of Intimate Partner Violence among U.S. Adults
Attitudinal acceptance of intimate partner violence (IPV) is an important correlate of violent behavior. This study examined acceptance of IPV using data collected from a nationally representative telephone survey of 5,238 adults. Multivariable logistic...
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Dropout and Completion of Treatment among Spouse Abusers
This study examines a population of spouse abusers undertaking a treatment program. Its purpose was to identify the variables associated with dropout and completion of treatment and to build a predictive model. Data were collected on 286 men who began...
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Effects of Alcoholic Beverage, Instigation, and Inhibition on Expectancies of Aggressive Behavior
To investigate the role of alcohol expectancy, situational factors, and personality variables in predicting postdrinking aggression, two questionnaire studies were conducted. Subjects were randomly assigned to imagine themselves and their responses in...
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Family Violence and Substance Use: The Perceived Effects of Substance Use within Gay Male Relationships
The purpose of this research endeavor is to examine the life situations of gay men where domestic violence was present. The current article expands on previously published works by examining respondents' perceptions of what role alcohol and other drug...
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Perpetrators as Victims: Understanding Violence by Female Street-Walking Prostitutes
Little is known about the perpetration of violence by women who engage in street prostitution. While some researchers have examined the incidence of abuse among this population, the association between receipt of abuse and violence and later perpetration...
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Temperature, Routine Activities, and Domestic Violence: A Reanalysis
It was hypothesized that base rate differences in the number of complaints made during daylight and nighttime hours were responsible for a previously reported, nonlinear relationship between temperature and domestic violence. This hypothesis was tested...
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The Implementation of Workplace Violence Policy in State Government
Workplace violence has received an increasing amount of attention in the last five years. While it is difficult to conclude that it is actually escalating, the numerous studies do provide numbers that lead one to believe that it is a serious problem....
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