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Quarterly journal of organizational development, published by the Organizational Development Institute and covering issues, ideas, theories, and criticism of modern business and organizational practices.

Articles from Vol. 29, No. 2, Summer

A Rare and Valued Asset: Developing Leaders for Research, Scientific, Technology and Engineering Organizations
AbstractLeadership is an area of intense interest and need particularly among research and development, scientific, technology, engineering and mathematic (S.T.E.M.) organizations. S.T.E.M. leaders face cultural challenges unique from those of mainstream...
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Experience, Thinking and Learning: An Integrated Definition and Framework of Reflection
AbstractIn this paper we examine the history and existing definitions of reflection and propose an integrative definition and framework for reflection use within organizations. Our definition and framework incorporate numerous perspectives of reflection,...
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Fertilizing the Ground for a Metanoia: Business Education in the 21st Century
AbstractThis article reviews the current global corporate climate, which has been dominated for centuries by an excessively individual mindset and short-term, bottom line based thinking. The paper identifies five key problem areas we are now facing,...
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Leadership and Followership: The Dynamic Process of Building High Performance Cultures
AbstractIn today's global market, companies must recognize marketplace changes, and respond to those changes rapidly in order to remain competitive. A good working relationship between labor and management is the basis for this much-needed flexibility...
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Letter from the Editor
It is my pleasure to return again as Editor of the Organization Development Journal. I have a terrific team that works hard to put this journal together and I want to thank each and every one of them. When I receive a manuscript, I send it to Jeanne...
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Personal Mastery and Authentic Leadership
AbstractThis paper links personal mastery and authenticity to effective leadership on the premise that our leadership style is an extension of who we are. The findings of humanistic, existential, and positive psychology are explored to suggest a pathway...
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Recent Legislation in Personnel Psychology: An Update for I/O Practitioners
AbstractOrganizational consultants frequently address legal issues in their work or are confronted by areas of legal controversy. This article reviews several key cases and legislation in the recent past, with an emphasis in the area of personnel psychology:...
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Say Again? What Do Associates Really Want at Work?
What is it that motivates associates so they really want to return to work each Monday morning? And why are some associates even motivated to work on weekends? Social scientists have been studying these questions for decades now. The resulting insights...
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Succession Planning and Managerial Ethics in the Retail Industry
AbstractThe increasing emphasis on succession planning and managerial ethics encouraged this exploration of their relationship and implications. Through a literature review, instrument design, and correlational analysis, we were able to demonstrate the...
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