Research and Theory for Nursing Practice

Research and Theory for Nursing Practice is a nursing journal focusing on nursing research and theory

Articles from Vol. 19, No. 4, Winter

An International Nursing Community of Scholars? A Community of Scholars for International Nursing Science? or Both?
Several recent publications addressing international nursing scholarship (Hegyvary, 2005) and the concept of a community of scholars (Bunkers, 2005; Ferguson-Paré, 2005; Parse, 2005; Roy, 2005; Woude, 2005) piqued my interest as the editor of Research...
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An Ontological View of Advanced Practice Nursing
Identifying, developing, and incorporating nursing's unique ontological and epistemological perspective into advanced practice nursing practice places priority on delivering care based on research-derived knowledge. Without a clear distinction of our...
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Nurses' Clinical Engagement: A Study from an Acute-Care Setting in Norway
This study investigates the nature of nurses' clinical engagements and courses of action in acute-care settings in Norway. A qualitative descriptive design with a convenience sample of 6 registered nurses was used. Data were collected via participant...
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Shifting Patterns of Practice: Nurse Practitioners in a Managed Care Environment
The purpose of this qualitative study was to uncover patterns across nurse practitioner (NP) experiences that contribute to understanding their perceptions of managed care, how it affects daily practice, and how NPs respond to a changing managed care...
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The Leadership Challenge
Health care delivery and nursing practice face many challenges today but few more pressing than the need for leaders who are prepared to deal with the current health care environment. In the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report about unsafe patient care...
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The Role of Mentoring in Developing African American Nurse Leaders
The primary purpose of this study was to explore the role of mentoring in the development of African American nurses who have achieved leadership positions in baccalaureate and graduate nursing programs. This study also explored similar and dissimilar...
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The Social Construction and Conceptualization of Sexual Health among Mexican American Women
Research on the social construction and contextualization of sexual health among Latina women is sparse. This ethnographic study was aimed to bridge this gap by exploring sexual health experiences and behaviors of a Latina subgroup, Mexican American...
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