Perspectives in Psychiatric Care

Journal for advanced practice psychiatric nurses providing current research, clinical application, and knowledge about the field.

Articles from Vol. 39, No. 2, April-June

Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors in Dementia. (the Art of Prescribing)
The Art of Prescribing offers a question-and-answer forum that can help you maintain your knowledge of advances in prescribing and psychopharmacology with implications for safe psychiatric care. Do you have a question related to prescribing psychotropic...
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Exploring Boundaries in the Nurse-Client Relationship: Professional Roles and Responsibilities
TOPIC. The creation and maintenance of boundaries as they pertain to the nurse-client relationship. PURPOSE. To challenge readers to reflect on their fiduciary responsibilities by identifying boundary crossings and violations. SOURCES. Review...
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Real Life and Reel Life. (Editorial)
Your client is talking about his or her life situation--the end of a relationship, aging and ill parents, loss of a job, or disappointments in life. As nurse psychotherapists, we are trained to assist clients in ventilating feelings, identifying the...
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Support for Bereaved Owners of Pets
TOPIC. The bond that exists between people and their pets and its impact on physical and mental health. PURPOSE. To review the current literature and explore the clinical implications of bereavement related to pets. SOURCES. A comprehensive review...
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Theory-Based Research in Schizophrenia
TOPIC. Theoretical models to guide research into schizophrenia. PURPOSE. To review the most commonly used biological and environmental models of schizophrenia. SOURCES. Published literature and research conducted by the author. CONCLUSIONS....
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Three Potentially Fatal Adverse Effects of Psychotropic Medications. (Biological Perspectives)
He's gone country Everybody's gone country Yeah we've gone country The whole world's gone country --Alan Jackson Psychotropic drugs are in. Even psychiatric nurses who once considered psychotropic drugs a necessary evil or a treatment of last...
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