Musical Times

A quarterly publication that covers topics in classical music and includes an extensive archive of obituaries of leading musicians.

Articles from Vol. 151, No. 1910, Spring

Curiouser and Curiouser
Curiouser and curiouser Understanding music: philosophy and interpretation Roger Scruton Continuum (London, 2009); z44pp; £18.99. ISBN 978 1 84706 506 3.Antithetical arts: on the ancient quarrel between literature and music Oxford University Press (New...
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Magic Moments
Magic moments Peter Maxwell Davies studies Edited by Kenneth Gloag & Nicholas Jones Cambridge University Press (Cambridge, 2009); xv, 259pp; £ 35, $99. ISBN 978 0 521 88658 1.PETER MAXWELL DAVIES has been many diings - child radio star, pioneer music...
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'No Equal on Any Stage in Europe': Guadagni as Actor
THE CHIEF PROBLEM encountered in investigating Guadagni's skill as an actor is that the bulk of the evidence comes from one source. Charles Burney was well-placed to judge Guadagni's abilities. He knew the singer from the outset of his career, helping...
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On the Prehistory of Music in New Zealand
IN 1764 Mozart travelled to London with his father. During his stay the eight-year-old prodigy was examined by Daines Barrington, a Fellow of the Royal Society. He was asked to improvise recitatives and keyboard accompaniments after the conventions of...
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Tchaikovsky and 'Le Joli': Some Points of Contact with Bizet, Auber, Meyerbeer and Adam
IN A LETTER TO HIS PATRON penned in 1878, Tchaikovsky praised Lalo because 'in the same way as Léo Delibes and Bizet, [he] does not strive after profundity, but he carefully avoids routine, seeks out new forms, and thinks more about musical beauty than...
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Tempo Relationships in the Adagio of Mahler's Tenth Symphony; and Two Wrong Notes
(ProQuest: ... denotes formula omitted.)THERE are many things that are misunderstood about Mahler's Tenth Symphony, and most of them are understandable misunderstandings. However, the one movement that is accepted by virtually everyone as complete, and...
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The Enemy Within: Some Disagreeable Words from Frederick Corder (1918)
I am going to be very disagreeable and say things which my readers, and even my much enduring editor, will find it hard to put up with. But there is always the satisfactory retaliation open to them of calling me a pessimist or an oculist or some name...
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Thinking Big
(ProQuest: ... denotes formula omitted.)Richard Wagner and his world Edited by Thomas S. Grey Princeton University Press (Princeton, NJ, 2009); xv, 542pp; £48.95, $70 / £18.95, $26.95 PBK. ISBN 978 o 691 14565 1 / 9780691 14366 8.Music and monumentality:...
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Typically Russian
Typically Russian Tchaikovsky Roland John Wiley The Master Musicians Oxford University Press (New York & Oxford, 2009); xxi, 546pp; £25. ISBN 9780 19 5368925.TRAWLING THROUGH a vast range of Russian source material - Imperial, Soviet and post-Soviet...
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