The Journal of Sex Research

The Journal of Sex Research is a scholarly, multidisciplinary journal covering the study of sexuality. The Journal of Sex Research is published quarterly by the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality in Allentown, Pa. Cynthia A. Graham is the editor.

Articles from Vol. 47, No. 1, January-February

Correlates of Same-Sex Sexuality in Heterosexually Identified Young Adults
Based on the conceptualizations of early sexologists, sexual orientation has been traditionally conceived as a multitude of components expressed through a range of overt sexual behaviors and internal states such as feelings, cognitions, and desires...
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Development and Validation of the Attitudes about Sadomasochism Scale
Prejudice and discrimination against individuals based on sexual orientation have been well-documented over the past few decades (Badgett, 2003; Herek & Capitanio, 1996). More recently, discrimination against individuals based on nontraditional...
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Development and Validation of the Sexual Agreement Investment Scale
Over the past two decades, the AIDS epidemic has greatly impacted the lives and sexual behavior of gay men in the United States. Although HIV incidence among gay men significantly decreased throughout the 1980s and 1990s, more recently this trend appears...
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HIV Risk Behaviors among Three Classes of Female Sex Workers in Vietnam
HIV prevalence is high and rising in Vietnam. HIV-infected people are present in all 64 provinces and all cities (United Nations Programme on HIV/ AIDS [UNAIDS], 2008). The number of people living with HIV doubled between 2000 and 2005 to an estimated...
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Power, Sex, and Rape Myth Acceptance: Testing Two Models of Rape Proclivity
The concepts of power and sex are closely associated in our society. A common example is describing sex as a conquest or as a surrender, which suggests that sex is about one person overpowering another. Similarly, describing being taken advantage of...
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Psychiatric Impact of Gender-Related Abuse across the Life Course of Male-to-Female Transgender Persons
Psychiatric Symptomatology and Gender-Related Abuse of Transgender Persons Transgenderism is a rare phenomenon that may be described as an incongruence between biological or anatomical sex and gender identity (Levine, 1989). Male-to-female (MTF)...
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The Gender Identity/gender Dysphoria Questionnaire for Adolescents and Adults: Further Validity Evidence
In contemporary developmental psychology and sexology, gender identity is usually described in a binary manner (i.e., a male vs. a female gender identity). In clinical practice, this has been translated into a dichotomous conceptualization of gender...
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Women May Underestimate Their Partners' Desires to Use Condoms: Possible Implications for Behaviour
Condom use is an important area of study in sex research due to the health implications that condom non-use entails. In an effort to reduce rates of sexually transmitted infections, HIV transmission, and unwanted pregnancy, many studies have examined...
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Women's Sexual Satisfaction as a Predictor of Well-Being in Same-Sex versus Mixed-Sex Relationships
Elaine describes herself as being extremely sexually satisfied in her relationship with her partner Chris (i.e., she subjectively evaluates their sexual relationship very positively). Knowing this piece of information, what would be the best prediction...
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