The Journal of Sex Research

The Journal of Sex Research is a scholarly, multidisciplinary journal covering the study of sexuality. The Journal of Sex Research is published quarterly by the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality in Allentown, Pa. Cynthia A. Graham is the editor.

Articles from Vol. 42, No. 3, August

AIDS Optimism, Condom Fatigue, or Self-Esteem? Explaining Unsafe Sex among Gay and Bisexual Men
HIV prevention among gay and bisexual men has been, for the most part, remarkably successful over the last 20 years. Men who have sex with men (MSM) have been one of the populations most heavily affected by HIV, and as gay and lesbian communities mobilized...
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Condom Use, Frequency of Sex, and Number of Partners: Multidimensional Characterization of Adolescent Sexual Risk-Taking
Adolescents' sexual risk-taking has been conceptualized in various ways: early age at first intercourse, number of partners, type of partner or length of relationship, frequency of intercourse, consistency of condom use, and use of other methods of...
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Differences in Psychological Health and Family Dysfunction by Sexual Victimization Type in a Clinical Sample of African American Adolescent Women
According to the Federal Criminal Code, sexual victimization exists along a continuum that includes behaviors ranging from threats/pressures to engage in vaginal, anal, or oral sex to physical violence to force a woman or man to engage in sexual activity...
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Effects of Alcohol, Expectancies, and Partner Type on Condom Use in College Males: Event-Level Analyses
Ninety percent of college students are sexually active, with many reporting multiple partners. In a survey of 5,514 first-year undergraduates, 54% of men and 37% of women already had five or more sexual partners, and 29% of men and 12% of women had...
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"Feeling Frumpy": The Relationships between Body Image and Sexual Response Changes in Midlife Women
Many women notice changes in their sexual response as they move through the menopausal transition. These changes may involve sexual desire/interest, arousal, orgasm, enjoyment, or frequency of sexual activity. More often than not, the changes reflect...
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Oral Contraceptive Use and Female Genital Arousal: Methodological Considerations
The use of the vaginal photoplethysmograph (VPP) over the past three decades has enriched our understanding of the factors that influence and are implicated in female sexual arousal. Its development allowed for many of the observations made by Masters...
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Risky Sexual Behavior in Low-Income African American Women: The Impact of Sexual Health Variables
Within the United States, African Americans are disproportionately infected with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) (Wohl et al., 1998). For example, in the year 2000, African Americans made up 76% of gonorrhea cases, 71% of syphilis...
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The Impact of Sexual Arousal on Sexual Risk-Taking: A Qualitative Study
Until recently, the main emphasis in the literature on interventions to reduce sexual risk-taking has been on rational decision-making based on good information. It is being increasingly recognized, however, that sexual behavior is uniquely different...
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