The Journal of Sex Research

The Journal of Sex Research is a scholarly, multidisciplinary journal covering the study of sexuality. The Journal of Sex Research is published quarterly by the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality in Allentown, Pa. Cynthia A. Graham is the editor.

Articles from Vol. 43, No. 3, August

Andrew Michael Mattison, M.S.W., Ph.D
Andrew Mattison was a psychotherapist, educator, researcher, and public policy advocate that many will remember fondly for his personality and contributions to the field of sexual science. Drew was born Aug. 5, 1948, in Brooklyn, NY, a heritage of...
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Nonconscious Processing of Sexual Information: A Generalization to Women
Activation of sexual response may be largely determined by nonconscious cognitive processing. The subjective experience of sexual arousal certainly depends on conscious processing, the individual's awareness of bodily sensations together with the appraisal...
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No Strings Attached: The Nature of Casual Sex in College Students
The transition to adulthood is a time of exploration and experimentation, as young people hone the life skills, relationship styles, and behavior patterns that will impact their emotional functioning and health as adults (di Mauro, 1995). The journey...
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Postdrinking Sexual Perceptions and Behaviors toward Another Person: Alcohol Expectancy Set and Gender Differences
Expectancy processes play an important role in postdrinking sexuality: both men and women expect alcohol to enhance sex (see reviews by Crowe & George, 1989; George & Norris, 1991; George & Stoner, 2000). Alcohol expectancy set--the experimentally-manipulated...
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Sex, Lies, and Videos in Rural China: A Qualitative Study of Women's Sexual Debut and Risky Sexual Behavior
Many studies document the new liberal attitude toward sexual behavior that has emerged among young people in China following China's opening to international markets in the early 1980s (Higgins, Zheng, Liu, & Sun, 2002; Zhang, Li, Li, & Beck,...
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Sexual Practices at Last Heterosexual Encounter and Occurrence of Orgasm in a National Survey
In heterosexual encounters, women are less likely to reach orgasm than men. This has long been seen as a problem in the sexological literature (Fisher, 1973; Masters & Johnson, 1966, 1970; van de Velde, 1957). Men's orgasms, on the other hand,...
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Trading Sex: Voluntary or Coerced? the Experiences of Homeless Youth
Many homeless youth engage in delinquent activities to survive, given their limited resources and lack of opportunities (Hagan & McCarthy, 1997; Whitbeck & Hoyt, 1999). These deviant subsistence strategies may include stealing, conning, robbing,...
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Use of Pornography in Traditional Media and on the Internet in Norway
In contemporary Western societies, pornography is becoming part of fashion, art, advertisements, music videos, and youth culture. Pornography is easily available on the internet or in ordinary kiosks. At the same time, Norwegian legislation about pornography...
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Women's Sexual Desire: A Feminist Critique
Sexual desire is a key component of the current popular conceptualizations of sexual identity, sexual orientation, and sexual functioning and dysfunctioning. Some sexologists contend that no scholarly or scientific discussion of sexuality can occur...
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