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Articles from Vol. 35, No. 2, June

In the twenty years since Pierre Nora began publishing his landmark work on Les Lieux de memoire (Nora, 1984-92), the study of memory, especially in its collective forms, has become a veritable industry. If historians such as Nora were to the fore...
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Memory at the Front: The Struggle over Revolutionary Commemoration in Occupied France, 1940-1944
The period of Occupied France presents a striking example of the failure of memory studies thus far to penetrate certain essential questions in French historiography. Despite its paramount importance, the memory of the French Revolution during the...
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Remembrance of Things Past: Trauma and Mourning in Perec's W Ou le Souvenir D'enfance
Perec's W is studied as a "memory text' revealing the effects of the trauma associated with the loss of his parents during the Second World War. Perec's text recognizes the mourning process as an engagement with the aporia created by the inability...
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The Gaulish and the Feudal as Lieux De Memoire in Post-War French Abstraction
If gestural abstract painting was an artistic practice that turned away from figuration and legible meanings, there was nevertheless a struggle over its interpretation and orientation in post-war Paris. This struggle is exemplified by two exhibitions...
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The Politics of Counter-Memory on the French Extreme Right
This article examines the forms, the modes of dissemination and some of the recent topics of revisionist historical writing in France's extreme right-wing subculture today. Over the last two centuries shared understandings of French national history...
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Transmission Problems: Memory, Community and the Republican Idea in Contemporary France
In recent years, Editions du Seuil have published a series of small volumes aimed at a wide audience and bearing such titles as La Republique expliquee a ma fille or L'Amour de la France explique a mon ills. Well-known novelists, historians and philosophers...
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Viewing Memory through Night and Fog, the Sorrow and the Pity and Shoah
Between 1955 and 1983, three French film documentaries displaced our understanding of the events of World War II: Nuit et brouillard by Alain Resnais, Le Chagrin et la pitie by Marcel Ophuls and Claude Lanzmann's Shoah. These are films that reveal...
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