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Articles from Vol. 30, No. 1, March

Aspects and Uses of Ekphrasis in Relation to Photography, 1816-186O [*]
EMMANUEL HERMANGE [+] 'La description d'une photographie est [grave{a}] lettre impossible (...) D[acute{e}]crire un dessin est plus facile.' Roland Barthes, 'Le message photographique' (1961) Alongside photography, I intend to discuss language...
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Frederick Evans: Photography as Mediation
CLIVE SCOTT [*] I would like to begin with two definitions of photography. The first belongs to Georges Potonni[acute{e}]e, to his Histoire de la d[acute{e}]couverte de la photographie (1925): Photography is the art of making permanent the images...
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Photographic Portraiture and the Forgetting of Colour
LINDSAY SMITH[*] The annual autumn display of the National Portrait Gallery of London's John Kobal Photographic Portrait Award, named after the journalist and film historian who had a passion for movie-star gazing, reminds us of the Gallery's age-old...
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Poetry, the Picturesque and the Photogenic Quality in the Nineteenth Century [*]
PHILIPPE ORTEL [+] Studies on the relationship between literature and photography often feature the notion of the paradigm. Although photography may be seen as a foil by many writers, it is certainly present in their imaginations, taking many and...
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Ritual and Deception: Photography and Thomas Hardy
MARK DURDEN [*] On 3 June 1882 in the autobiographic notes in The Life of Thomas Hardy the writer has this to say about the art of fiction writing: As in looking at a carpet, by following one colour a certain pattern is suggested, by following...
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The Photograph in Georges Rodenbach's Bruges-la-Morte (1892) [1]
PAUL EDWARDS [*] Georges Rodenbach (1855-1898, a Belgian author who lived in Paris and wrote in French), published his novel Bruges-la-Morte in 1892, with 35 half-tone reproductions of original photographs supplied by the Parisian 'image banks'...
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