Labor Law Journal

Journal publishes articles on labor law, labor-management relations and labor economy, including news developments in equal employment opportunity, job safety and health, and employment and training.

Articles from Vol. 59, No. 3, Fall

A New Day Dawning or Dark Clouds on the Horizon? the Potential Impact of the Pyett Case
More than three decades after the Supreme Court's decision in Alexander v. GardnerDenver1 erected a solid barrier between labor arbitration and the litigation of individual statutory discrimination claims by unionized workers, the justices will consider...
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Employee Agreements for Repayment of Training Costs: The Emerging Case Law
Agreements requiring employees to repay training costs to their employers, if fhey separate from employment before a specified period, have become increasingly familiar in the American workplace. This practice was first addressed in this journal over...
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From the Editor
Dear Reader:"A change is gonna come," sang Sam Cooke, and the next several months will surely bear out the prescience of this 40-year-old lyric.As discussed in the Summer, 2008 issue, during the Bush Administration, the National Labor Relations Board...
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House Passes Senate's Version of the ADA Amendments Act
Under suspension of the rules, the House of Representatives passed the ADA [Americans with Disabilities] Amendments Act (S. 3406) on September 17, 2008. The proposed legislation amends the ADA, die nation's first comprehensive civil rights law prohibiting...
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Union Organizing Trends and the Question of Post-Industrial Unionism in the Early 21st Century
In an earlier article1 appearing in the Labor Law Journal in 1994, I created a typology of organizing trends for clarifying the changing scope of union organizing based on Chaison and Dhavale's study2 which investigated the transformation of union organizing...
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Who's the Boss? Supervisors, Professionals, Independent Judgment, and the Nlra: A Post-Oakwood Healthcare Review
I. IntroductionJustice Douglas famously and prescientiy wrote in Packard Motor Car Co v. NLRB, "if [supervisors] are 'employees' within the meaning of the National Labor Relations Act so are vice-presidents, managers, assistant managers, superintendents,...
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Who's Who in Labor
National Labor Relations Board General Counsel Ronald Meisburg has announced the appointment of Mori Rubin to serve as Deputy Regional Attorney of the Agency's Regional Office in Los Angeles, CA (Region 31). In her new position, she will assist Regional...
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