Philosophy Today

Founded in 1957, Philosophy Today is a quarterly magazine published by DePaul University. The magazine has a circulation of over 1,000 readers and specializes in information on contemporary philosophy and philosophers. The Editor of the magazine is David W. Pellauer.

Articles from Vol. 55, No. 2, May

Crisis Theory and the False Desire of Home Ownership
In the 1848 Manifesto of the Communist Party, Marx mentionsthe commercial crises that by their periodical return put on trial, each time more threateningly, the existence of the entire bourgeois society. ... In these crises there breaks out an epidemic...
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From Kant's Monogram to Conceptual Blending
In evolutionary terms, natural language hovers precariously between perception and mathematization. As it emerged from human perceptual and gestural being between 200,000 and 100,000 years ago, a fundamental transformation took place. Sign systems dominated...
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Gadamer and Cusanus on Creation
The creation of the world may not seem, at first glance, to be a Gadamerian topic. Gadamer's discretion on religious matters as well as his critique of metaphysics might make us think that the philosopher from Heidelberg was more interested in a historical...
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Gadamer, Augustine, Aquinas, and Hermeneutic Universality
Hans-Georg Gadamer's claim that hermeneutics is universal is both widely controversial and rarely understood. At the very least it is the claim that the relevance of hermeneutics goes beyond the traditional questions of interpreting authoritative texts,...
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Responsibility and Technics in Levinas and Jonas
TWO STRATEGIES IN RESPONSE TO THE DISORIENTATION OF ETHICS IN THE MODERN WORLDIn this essay I undertake a comparative study on the work of Emmanuel Levinas and Hans Jonas.1 It is possible to approach such a comparison by discussing their philosophies...
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"The Fullness of Understanding"?: The Career of the Inner Word in Gadamer Scholarship
Hans-Georg Gadamer publicly acknowledged Jean Grondin on more than one occasion for having elevated an overlooked and recondite idea that introduces of the famous ontological turn in Truth and Method. The dense ten pages entitled "Sprache und Verbum"...
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The Idea of Vocation: Toward a Moral-Philosophical Theory
In contemporary usage the notion of vocation tends to be confused with that of "job" or "occupation," as when we speak of "vocational training" or "vocational counseling." In these expressions "vocation" stands simply for "job." Most philosophical discussions...
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The Inner Word Prior to Language: Augustine as Platonist Alternative to Gadamerian Hermeneutics
Hans-Georg Gadamer wants to uphold the inseparability of thought and language, and so does John Arthos in his new book, The Inner Word in Gadamer's Hermeneutics? Arthos focuses on the Augustinian and Thomistic concept of inner word, verbum interius,...
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