Philosophy Today

Founded in 1957, Philosophy Today is a quarterly magazine published by DePaul University. The magazine has a circulation of over 1,000 readers and specializes in information on contemporary philosophy and philosophers. The Editor of the magazine is David W. Pellauer.

Articles from Vol. 44, No. 3, Fall

Being Modern, Being Beyond
In his deliberately futuristic novel, Love in the Ruins, Walker Percy's main character, Doctor Thomas More, begins by musing over his role as physician, which is to say, as healer. He discovers that his patients have more to teach him than he they, of...
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"How Can Anyone Be Called Guilty?": Speech, Responsibility, and the Social Relation in Habermas and Levinas
SPEECH, RESPONSIBILITY, AND THE SOCIAL RELATION IN HABERMAS AND LEVINAS In the theory of communicative action. Habermas promises not only a reorientation of critical theory, a paradigm shift in critique to follow the shift from the philosophy of consciousness...
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Induction and Cantor's Second Principle of Generation
". . . if our critics' philosophy of logic entails that induction cannot be valid, the validity of induction equally entails that their philosophy of logic is false." Donald Williams, The Ground of Induction The problem of induction has been summarized...
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In the Proximity of Guilt and Danger: Karl Rahner as Heidegger's Other
KARL RAHNER AS HEIDEGGER'S OTHER What is clear, and beyond dispute, is that the German philosopher Martin Heidegger was a National Socialist at least in so far as one can date his party membership from 1933 to 1945.1 What is also clear, and beyond dispute,...
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Philosophy, Civilization, and the Global Ecological Crisis: The Challenge of Process Metaphysics to Scientific Materialsim
In Science and the Modern World Alfred North Whitehead proclaimed: Philosophy is the most effective of all the intellectual pursuits . . It is the architect of the buildings of the spirit, and it is also their solvent:-and the spiritual precedes the...
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Poetic Philosophy: The Wittgenstein-Stevens Connection
It is well-known that Plato thinks philosophy and poetry are at odds with each other. Although both philosophy and poetry share a common medium of expression, nevertheless the manner and goal of their expressions are not at all the same. A philosopher...
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Simone De Beauvoir on Language
Throughout her autobiographical. philosophical, political, and literary works, Simone de Beauvoir displays a clear interest in language, both the spoken and the written word.1 This interest tends to focus not on language as a monolithic system but rather...
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The Falling-Out in Philosophy
That totality of skills and abilities . . . the special and dangerous gift which has been bequeathed to mankind. Hans-Georg Gadamer, "Between Nature and Art," p. 84. A humanity betrayed by its creations. . . Gabriel Marcel, Tragic Wisdom and Beyond,...
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