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Articles from Vol. 20, No. 1, Spring

Bioethics and the Fundamentalist Agenda
Some time ago I was invited by a professor of bioethics to serve on a panel she was putting together for Bioethics Summer Camp, a meeting of about 75 individuals involved in bioethics to relax and talk shop. The title of this panel was "Bioethics and...
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Biotechnology Update: News and Views
The Bio Prospect for 2004As we move further into the uncharted territory of the Biotech Century, some facts seem very clear. Biotechnology is set to dominate the questions facing global culture, as our new powers over our own selves are increasingly...
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Culture of Life, Culture of Death: Proceedings of the Linacre Center Conference of the Great Jubilee and the Culture of Life
Culture of Life, Culture of Death: Proceedings of The Linacre Center Conference of The Great Jubilee and the Culture of Life Luke Gormally, Editor London: The Linacre Centre, 2001 ISBN 0-906561-24-8, 352 PP., PAPERBACK, $17.95, $25.00As Luke Gormally...
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Ethical Concerns of American Evangelical Christians Relative to Genetic Interventions and the Human Genome Project, 1974 to the Present
The purpose of this brief study is to identify, on the basis of a review of the published periodical literature, the major ethical concerns of Evangelical Protestants in the United States regarding genetic research and the Human Genome Project, from...
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Holy Dying, Assisted Dying?: An Anglican Perspective on Physician-Assisted Suicide
Not long ago I was asked by my parish priest to accompany him on a visit to a parishioner who was suffering from advanced cancer and was being maintained on a ventilator. As we entered her hospital room we saw her sitting up in bed, breathing through...
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"The Least of These": A Christian Moral Appraisal of Vital Organ Procurement from "Brain-Dead" Patients
A person is dead when his or her brain is dead.E.F.M. Wijdicks1People have enough common sense to see that a brain dead person is not really dead.Peter Singer2Western society seems to be rapidly approaching a stage where the moment of death will be determined...
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The Overlooked Test
With swift short steps, each one an inch-no more,No less-crept Mary's withered rigid frame.Her arms swung not, and as she neared the door,She paused...then, shuffling, through the entry came."Please have a seat," said the neurologist."Let's have a scientific...
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War against the Weak: Eugenics and America's Campaign to Create a Master Race
War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America's Campaign to Create a Master Race Edwin Black New York: Four Wall Eight Windows, 2003 ISBN 1-56858-258-7, 550 PP., HARDCOVER, $27In War Against the Weak, Edwin Black outlines the history of American eugenics...
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