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Articles from Vol. 28, No. 1, Fall

A New Natural Partnership: A College of Education Utilizing National Board Certified Teachers
Introduction It is clear from new federal and state legislation that teacher preparation programs and student outcomes assessment are going to be more closely linked in the years ahead. Report cards are increasingly going to grade programs on the percentage...
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Can a New, Solution-Focused Approach Solve an Old Problem? Motivating Students by Believing in Their Competency
She was the kind of teacher who stayed late after school. Her students never described her as easy, yet she was often seen talking with at least two students whenever she walked down the hall. They loved being around her. They described her as nice,...
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Dean's Viewpoint
With this the inaugural Dean's Viewpoint, I decided to direct my comments to the opinion piece which appeared in the Summer 1999 issue of American Secondary Education: "Our Killing Schools" by C. Bradley Thompson, an Associate Professor of History and...
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Editor's Comments
Our lead article by Metcalf describes how teachers may help students find solutions to their school problems (academic as well as behavioral) by relying on interactive problem solving. Although not a new procedure, it adds a more personal, positive touch...
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Leadership for Rural Schools: Lessons for All Educators
Leadership for Rural Schools: Lessons For All Educators Edited by Donald M. Chalker,Ed.D. Technomic Publishing Co., Lancaster PA, 1999 ISBN 1-56676-695-8 Today, successful rural school leadership at all levels demands a sharp, intuitive master for handling...
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Opinion & Commentary: Effective Communication or Rude Efficiencies?
You know what rude efficiencies are because they make you angry! Rude efficiencies are those day-to-day barrages on school gentility. Rude efficiencies have slowly entered our lives. Their cumulative effect is no different from smog because when you...
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Person-Centered Counseling after Fifty Years: How Is It Fairing in School-Land?
For half a century (1940-1990) client-centered therapy (or person-centered therapy as it is now termed) dominated the counseling landscape of America, particularly in public schools and colleges (Schmidt, 1999). There was always a certain appeal to Carl...
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The Practitioner-Researcher: Developing Theory from Practice
The Practitioner-Researcher: Developing Theory from Practice by Peter Jarvis Jossey-Bass Publishers, 350 Sansome St., San Francisco, CA 94104 1999 $29.95, ISBN: 0-7879-3880-7 Practitioner-researchers are emerging as our learning society moves from a...
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Using Solution-Focused Intervention for Behavioral Problems in an Inclusive Classroom
One of the major reform initiatives in education involves the inclusion of students with disabilities in general education classrooms. While many positive results may occur from this integrated approach to education, such as increased academic achievement...
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