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Articles from Vol. 31, No. 6, June

Chasing the Green Pound in London
FASHIONIT DOESN'T LOOK like much: a beige cotton tote with a rope handle, reminiscent of Vos bookbags. Chocolate piping sets off the brown slogan appliquée on the front in an offbeat curlicue font: "I am not a plastic bag."And yet the homely thing set...
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Chicago Unions Flex Political Muscle
FRUSTRATED WITH CITY hall's tilt to a business elite, Chicago's labor unions decided to send Mayor Richard M. Daley a message: The "city that works" doesn't work for working families. In the February and April elections, the labor movement broke with...
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Hello, I'm a Democrat
Meet the netroots activists who have moved offline and into political officeA LOT OF INK HAS been spilled and many hands wrung over the Democratic "netroots"-those citizens who blog, make online campaign contributions and "friend" their chosen candidate...
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Locking Attorneys out of Guantánamo
IN RECENT WEEKS, disastrous court decisions have set back the cause of the hundreds of men and boys languishing in Guantánamo. The U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington D.C. has ruled that the Military Commissions Act (which strips Guantánamo inmates of...
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Sacred Lands, Sewer Snow
American Indians fight to stop an Arizona ski resort from making snow out of sewage waterJUST SOUTH OF THE Grand Canyon and seven miles north of Flagstaff, the volcanic San Francisco Peaks loom 12,000 feet above the Arizona landscape. They also sit at...
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Who's Afraid of Democracy?
Who's Afraid of Democracy?Behavioral economists at UC San Diego recently conducted a study in which tokens were distributed among experimental subjects, with a few getting a concentrated chunk of the wealth and a majority getting little. They offered...
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Whose Subsidy Is It Anyway?
Farmers take the heat, but Big Ag reaps the farm bill benefitsTHE FARM BILL, WHICH Congress will likely vote on this fall, will affect environmental, consumer, industrial, trade and anti-poverty policies as well as the prices and subsidies farmers receive...
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