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Articles from No. 132, Summer

Are the Children of Today's Immigrants Making It?
Thirty years after the Hart-Celler Act brought a wave of new immigrants to the United States, their children are reaching adulthood. These children of immigrants have only recently become a sizable presence in American schools and are just now moving...
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Convention Center Follies
From San Francisco to Boston, from Chicago to New Orleans, our nation's major cities have sustained a boom in the development of convention centers over the last two decades which is nothing less than remarkable. Amidst the continuing debate over the...
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Enforcing "Statutory Rape"?
When I was growing up, there was a saying, 'Sixteen will get you 20,'" remembers Eloise Anderson, director of California's Department of Social Services. "Sixteen" is a girl's age; "20" is the number of years an adult male would spend in prison if he...
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Sports Stadium Boondoggle
HE Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association think that their home stadium is obsolete. Their claim is rather presumptuous, given that the $53 million Miami Arena was built to the Heat's specifications and is only eight years old. No matter:...
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Telling the Poor What to Do
Paternalism is coming to American social policy. The trend is most visible in welfare policy, where adults are increasingly required to work or stay in school if they want to receive government assistance. In fact, today "welfare reform" largely means...
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The Case against Teacher Certification
The system by which the nation trains and licenses its public school teachers recently came under sharp attack from an organization called the National Commission on Teaching and America's Future (NCTAF). In its 1996 report, What Matters Most: Teaching...
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The College and the City: Then and Now
The City College of New York celebrated its 150th anniversary during the current academic year. It also celebrated progress in the $85 million restoration of the grand collegiate Gothic structures that the city erected for its free college 90 years ago....
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