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Articles from Vol. 41, No. 2, Spring

Content-Language Integrated Second Language Instruction: Curriculum and the Ccuei Context
ABSTRACTThis paper examines the content-language integrated (CLI) second language (L2) education offered by the CCUEI Research Collaborative in China. It explores how CCUEI-developed curriculum reflects the theoretical foundations of an immersion experiment...
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Editorial Comments
Unlike most of the past editions of International Education, this special issue is exclusively focused on one research project named China-Canada-United States English Immersion (CCUEI), an English education reform experiment that has been implemented...
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Impact of Immersion Teaching on English Sociopragmatic Awareness of Chinese Kindergarten Children: A Polite Study
ABSTRACTThe purpose of this paper is to examine the impacts of an early partial immersion program as compared to a non-immersion program on English sociopragmatic awareness among Chinese kindergarten children six years of age. Of the 128 children who...
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Introduction of English Immersion in China: A Transplant with Modifications
ABSTRACTThis article presents an overview of replicating the French immersion model used in Canada to English immersion programs in China. It provides the Chinese context of this program highlighting the importance of English education and the defect...
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Phonological Awareness and Listening Comprehension among Chinese English-Immersion Students
ABSTRACTThis study investigates the relationship between English listening comprehension and English and Chinese phonological awareness (PA), and the crosslinguistic transfer of PA in 48 Grade 2 and 47 Grade 4 Chinese English-immersion students. The...
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Teachers' Discoursal Strategies in Providing Positive Feedback to Student Responses: A Study of Four English Immersion Teachers in People's Republic of China
ABSTRACTThis paper investigates the discoursal strategies of four teachers in providing feedback to student responses in English classrooms in Xi'an, People's Republic of China. The findings indicate that the teachers provide positive feedback for students...
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The Development of Academic Language Proficiency: Challenges for Middle School Immersion in Hong Kong and Xi'an
ABSTRACTThis paper investigates the development of academic language proficiency through immersion in middle school programmes in Hong Kong and Xi'an. The study reveals that in both contexts students have exposure to complex academic language through...
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The Roles of Motivation, Affective Attitudes, and Willingness to Communicate among Chinese Students in Early English Immersion Programs
ABSTRACTEarly English immersion in China has been studied from many angles, but no research to date has investigated affective variables, which may have a profound relevance to successful English acquisition. The present study examines the roles of motivation,...
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